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Board Flow Dynamics

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Wayward son
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Board Flow Dynamics

Postby Wayward son » Thu Sep 04, 2003 9:26 pm

Ok so I'm trying to master going up wind (even a little bit) and I'm trying to understand how the shape of the board affects the performance.
When aiming myself upwind, I roll the edge over but then find the board wants to nose dive, and I find it hard to force the tail down (it feels like it is too long). When watching others going upwind it looks like a squarer shaped board will travel deeper in the water on the tail end giving beter leverage.
So questions here are:
1. What is water edge release and how does shape affect it?
2. Elliptical boards (for example a "Bic Airflow") vs a more squarer shaped board ("Underground"), how does the shape affect upwind performance?
3. If I was to put a symmetrical fin heel side between my feet, what would that do? - I have been told that it would affect my upwind performance even more!
4. At what point in skill progress does one start removing fins?

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