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Am I riding a tree??

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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Am I riding a tree??

Postby Shannon » Thu Sep 11, 2003 2:18 am


just built a stubbie 110 from ply, my first attempt, the board turned out real good but it weighs 6kg, I havent had a chance to try it.. Is this gonna be too heavy?? I cherish my ankles. Some say I'll only notice it with board off stuff. It is 20mm at the thickest pont in the centre. Next one will be much thinner.

Thanks for input.. :D

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Postby psa » Sun Dec 21, 2003 9:13 am


normally plywood boards weight much less than 6kg. My skandinavian fir/pine-ply 150 x 45 x 0.9 with 80gr/m2 glass (one layer in bottom + one at top) weights 3.9 kg all included (straps & fins, but no pads). 12 mm are the thickest ones what we have done here.

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