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Balsa and formica

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Balsa and formica

Postby startup » Thu Mar 11, 2004 7:47 pm

I am about to start building my first board, afetr wanting to for a while. I ended up buying another board, which has turned out to be a dog, and I reckon i know what i need, so its easier, and cheaper to build one for myself.

I had been planning a foam core, but after looking again i reckon a balsa core would be better. Is it possible to get sheets large enough to make the core from one piece, or will I have to join two pieces?

Also, I want to have a carbon wrap on the top side, both for strength and looks, but was thinking of going for a formica bottom side. I don't plan on using too much rocker, so don't expect too many probs with formica, but should I put the top layer of carbon on before the formica on the bottom? Want to get a flush finish over the rails, and not sure if having carbon tucked under formica will let me do this. What is the best stuff to stick the formica onto the balsa core with? And where can i get deck bolts for the deck plates from? Am in the UK, anyone heremdone anything similar, would be good to see some pics.

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