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is this Right?

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New Builder

is this Right?

Postby New Builder » Wed Mar 09, 2005 5:42 am

I was told by a very reliable source that the right way to make a kiteboad is as follows I just want to get some peoples ideas on this. This is the basic idea

1.Find a design you like and copy it on to a sheet of herex or airex pvc foam
2.tapper the ends of the foam
3. plot out a center line and use a plainer to set the concave
4. shape the rails down to about a quarter inch
5. insert t nuts and fill with resin
6. after the overall out line is done and you are happy with the shape start glassing
7. Mix resin in a 5-1 mix start with the bottom of the board first use 4 layers of glass.
8. glass deck of board and set in rocker table and let dry
9. after board is dry sand down glass and the do a skim coat of bondo
10. sand down the bondo till smoth
11. now paint the board

I know I left out some stuff but this is what i was told the genral process was, what do you guys think?

Also I hear alot of talk about ABS rails is this realy nessisary or can you glass the rails
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Postby » Wed Mar 09, 2005 3:58 pm

Check the Carbon topic... if you want a really good board, read what I said, it costs more, but you'll come out with a much lighter much stronger board.

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