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REALLY large skimboard?

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REALLY large skimboard?

Postby biggins » Sun Jun 25, 2006 4:35 am


I currently ride a skimboard in light winds and it's 130 x 50cm. I was wondering if it would be reasonable to build say a twin tip with flip tips at 170x65 or so with no straps to ride in super light winds???

My thinking is that you can move your feet around when the wind picks up to edge harder etc. and since it's going to be an under 10knot board I'm not really that concerned with getting over powered.

BUT at what point does the weight etc of the board slow it down so conderibly that it's better to stick with the smaller board?



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Postby bay surfer » Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:02 am

Make huge skim, use .5in ac ply, who cares about wt. at low wind your not going fast anyhow,who cares if its funky as long as its fun, kind of hard to jump with it. Rode my friends huge skim what a blast, the skim was bigger and wider than our doors, had a swallow tail back for digging in the backend. A strap at the back would also be nice with that big skim for helping dig in the back end and with the huge foot print you could just flip the thing around when changing directions .

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