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HUGE strapless finless board.

Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 5:05 pm
by biggins
Ok, I need help here. I ride a skimboard in light wind and enjoy it quit a lot, BUT it's only 130x50cm.

I HATE large kites and would love to have just one kite for 8-30 knots which I can almost get now with 10-30.

What I need is a LIGHT wind board. I have the Glide and a skimboard that both do well in over 10/11 knots what I was thinking is a

HUGE twin tip strapless, finless, plywood board with full pads on top. I don't care about weight since I definately won't be jumping. I just want to cruise around in super light winds and enjoy the beautiful scenery instead of sweating on the beach.

Now...the question. I'm 200 pounds, and wondering what the dimensions should be? I'm thinking with strapless it could be as wide as I want since I could move my feet around, but then I wonder with a flat strapless board what the risks of pearling would be?

I was even thinking 200cm by 80cm? But the flatness would make it pearl I think, but I don't want to try and figure out how to flip tips etc. I want it easy and cheap so that I could just leave it at a buddies and we could all use it when the wind is super light.

Does this make sense or should I just pick up a used surf longboard?

Thanks much for any help?