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First board

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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First board

Postby jtl575s » Fri Dec 29, 2006 8:43 pm

Hey guys. Im getting ready to attempt my first board. Its going to just be a 1/2" Birch ply. I have a question about the finishing of the board. I want to use epoxy instead of polly to seal it up. If I just put epoxy right onto the wood will it give it that shinny wood grain look? Or do I need to put some polly on first to get that effect? Also, what about glassing it? If i put a layer of 6oz glass on each side will this be clear or will I have a sort of foggy look to it? Is fiberglass mat or cloth usually used?
One more question... I notice everybody talking about rocker tables and concave tables. What are these, how do you use them, and how can I make one? I know what rocker and concave are... but how do u use a table to put them into your board?
Thanks guys

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Postby Halomon » Mon Jan 01, 2007 8:58 pm

Howzit Bro; so you plan to build a wood board eh? I'm a foam board builder but I think I can answer some of your questions; #1, find a decent outline template [copy it off a board that looks good]. #2 After you have drawn and cut out your template shape on the wood use a grinder with semi course sand paper and shape your rails[ thin them down to1/4 to 5/16s by rolling them down on the deck side]; also thin out the nose and tail on the bottom side 10" , a nice ,gradual taper that will be the beginning of your rocker. #3, using the grinder, shape in {gouge out] your concave and any other bottom configurations you want; final shaping step is to machine/hand sand the board to desired smoothness. It's best to have a board there to copy so you can keep true to thickness,demensions,rocker etc.
Glassing: if you never worked with resin and fiberglass before, get some help cause it's critical that you do it right; ok, assuming you can glass, using a rocker table goes like this; first off, the wood board has to be thin enough to bend a little; assuming it is, you plan to bend it permantly by using your fiberglass lamination to keep this rocker shape. This is accomplished by#1; having a flat surface[some sort of table], placing the board on this flat table, deck up, and with adequate weight placed on the deck, you shim up either end to the desired rocker height;
Ok, so now you have your board "set up" for lamination and curing on this rocker table; take the board off, place it on your glassing rack, laminate your bottom with fiberglass and resin,squgee it out and wrap the rails and place it back on the rocker table ot dry and cure to the desired shape of your pre detirmined rocker.
Like I said, if you never glassed before, all of the above will be meaningless and will make no sense, So in a nutshell, to finish off you laminate the other side,cure it on the table, sand ,hot coat, install all your inserts and drill and set up your fin holes, sand and gloss coat and you should be there; install all hardware; step back and either you have something you're happy with or a piece of Frankenstien shit you just paid your dues making . Happy building

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