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Plywood Board Questions

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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Plywood Board Questions

Postby SweetDoug » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:01 pm

Wow. You guys are great. Everything here from "Juz cut'er out!" to carbon fibre.


Being a rather portly fellow, and trouble getting up, I'm wanting to not spend $950 on that nice Spleene 164 Door, when I figure I can make one.

On a side comment, I'm wondering if some of us can start gathering the info to make a nice FAQ on the methods, general manufacture and best practices of a home made board? (What works, why and why not.) It would be fantastic. It could start simple with just the plywood board and a coat of varnish and move from there. I've gone from thinking about a straight plywood board, to maybe a composite of other materials but there's just so much spread around here with lots of ideas, few real knowledgeable people in the builds, it would be nice to coalesce the information and save reinventing the wheel, like my questions are probably going to be doing. There's plenty of collaborative software available on the net.

Anyway, something to think about, fellers.

Here's my questions to start.

I'm 225, liking the plywood option. How thick? I'm just new, not jumping, but would like to make a pretty decent stab at this the first time. (I'm a carpenter.)

I'm going to put a rocker in (or am I? And what about fins?) and right now I'm thinking a 1/8" ply with another on top. I'll cut a shape for the deck ply that is smaller, but mimicks the reinforcement on the Spleen door, for the rocker effect and reinforcement of the hull. Enough or too thin?

Or? 3x3/8 sheets with the same approach?

Next question. The video of the fellow forming the styrofoam wake board (someone linked it somewhere here) gave me an idea: How about a sheet of 1/8, a 1/2" blue stryo (blue is stronger than the pink from Home Depot-Does it matter?) and another sheet (or two of ply, chamfered) and glued with Gorilla?

Or just use some birch veneer to sandwich the the foam? (I thought about running the foam a 1/2" smaller around the edge than the plywood/veneer and filling the edge with epoxy for a rail. Do I really need a rail like that on the stryofoam approach? What about just plain old plywood?)

Does anyone have any uploaded plans for boards? Spleene 164x50 is what I'm looking for, or if they can trace the shape and somehow scan it? I know, would you smoke it for me too?!

That's enough for now to get this going.

Appreciate everything here,


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