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Pre-cured topsheet question

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Re: Pre-cured topsheet question

Postby scklandl » Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:10 pm

I guess a few things weren't clear....I do want to use a pre cured sheet as well,

but Ive found I CAN'T do a one shot because of air bubbles but after reading your post I was hoping that I didnt have to do this in three steps,

step one laminate board
step 2: precure top and bottom sheets
step 3 put it all together.

i use a 20 oz triax which might introduce more air into the equation than when using a smoother glass sheet

as far as the heels go, yes, you gotta put a heel pack under the heels but I was asking if you put holes in the precured topsheet as a way to eliminate air bubbles trapped between the pre cured top sheet and the board

thanks XS

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