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Foilboard Advice

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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Foilboard Advice

Postby Bradn » Tue Dec 09, 2014 7:40 pm

Hi guys,
I am thinking about building a foilboard, does anyone have knowledge building a carbon deep tuttle box?
Also probably a silly question, Is it ok to carbon straight over polystyrene? or best to have a layer of divnycell?

Here's the design (needing some changes, some of you might have seen it in the foil forum :D )

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Re: Foilboard Advice

Postby foam-n-fibre » Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:32 am

What is the density of your polystyrene? I don't think you could get away with just carbon over the EPS unless it is quite high density and/or you are only using it in some less heavily loaded areas. I really doubt you could drop a tuttle box into the EPS foam and expect it to stay in place unless you have the top and bottom skin around it beefed up with HD foam.

I would suggest getting a chinook Tuttle box, but maybe they;re hard to find in NZ??


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Re: Foilboard Advice

Postby tkettlepoint » Thu Dec 11, 2014 1:12 am

out line and rocker looks great.

carbon over eps maybe on the bottom with a layer of glass over it, on top I would do at least 1/8 layer of something first. just to help out with heal dents and such... ( production board use wood inlay or cork most the time)

Tuttle you can make if you have some skills, but you will have to inlay it into corecell or dinvy
for support around the box...

I just did a foil board for a customer that supplied a Ketos Box which is carbon. I inlayed it into corecell with carbon ( made the block the same thickness of the board 60mm thick) he also wanted a plate mount system so he could ride both of his foils.

anything can be made if you take your time


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