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board 4 hollow wood.

here you can exchange your experience and datas about your home build boards

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board 4 hollow wood.

Postby mattthieu » Sat Jun 29, 2013 10:24 pm

hi, board numver 4

only at the begining

non symetrical, 140 x 45 finished, to get into my bag

is going to be 2 full plys of 1/8 baltic and one little piece of same ply cente for the inserts and pads.

going to glue it on the rocker table, then poor a epoxy rails, shape it a bit, and laminate bottom and then top under vac without rocker table.

is going to be one layer of 8.9 oz carbon x basalt plus one 2 or 3 ( thin one ) layer of glass to cover it, some colored carbon tape under for visibility and reinforcement.

just wondering what glue to use : epoxy ( strong but heavy)
: urethane ( not so strong but is going to expande and fill the hollows )
: waterproof wood glue ( cheapest lightest, strong )

comments on the glue ???

center piece is the bottom, above is the top, and on th bottom of the pic you can see the little center piece.
20130629236 [800x600].jpg
you can see how the cuts are crossing eachother
20130629235 [800x600].jpg
and how the light is showind throu
20130629237 [800x600].jpg

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