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cabarete report

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cabarete report

Postby bert » Fri May 09, 2003 8:50 pm

Just back from Cabarete so I'll post a report. I'm an intermediate kiter of 1 year with 12m North Toro1, 140x40 cm board and 70 kg weight.


Friendly, warm & cheap! Good nightlife. Mix of tourists, locals & windseekers. Kitebeach hotel had a good location for me: far enough outside town to be quiet but easy access to town via motoconcho. The hotel is quite cheap, nice breakfast, water for washing gear, 99% of the staff are very friendly and of course, its right on the beach!


I think Spring can be a bit hit & miss - some good and bad years - looking at the windstats the time to go for guaranteed wind is summer. I had about 30% good wind days (I think there were only about 5 or 6 in April). The wind was quite strong (up to 25 kt) and gusty in the afternoon, smoothing off in the evening.

After about 23 kt, the 12m is a bit much for me but I think the Toro1 has quite a narrow windrange. I don't mind the power but its hard to bodydrag for the board when the gusts lift you out of the water and drag you downwind (anyone got any tips for this?) My friend on a Globerider 11.5 (when laid on top of the 12m Toro is a full square metre bigger!!) was able to stay out ok.

Reports of up to 100 kites on the water at busy times. Most stay inside the reef so its quite crowded in this area. There is space on the outside but you take the chance of a fairly long swim!


On the last day I did the 8km downwinder from the river at la Boca. It was great: open water, waves - riding full speed through Cabarete bay towards the setting sun - we arrived at kitebeach at dusk.


Lots of people walking upwind on the beach with kites high pointing inland towards buildings - including students & instructors. Not good. Also, lots of side-release shackles. 2 people with broken legs - one from a board dropped on them from a board-off and the other from someone landing on them!


Good trip: nice place, nice people, warm water. Could have done with a bit more wind. Gets a bit busy on the water.

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Postby bobbybill » Wed May 14, 2003 8:24 pm

I love Cab, took a couple trips last year, but I gotta say when there's only 2-4 hours/day of good wind in off-season, it's REALLY crowded inside the reef. Almost got jumped on a couple times, also people on opposite tack sometimes refuse to drop kite when I was clearly upwind, stuff like that. On the other hand, there's always somebody to land your kite to, and you never have to bodydrag too long for board, somebody will haul it downwind for you.

As far as bounciung off other riders, get outside the reef, and upwind from kite beach toward the point, no problem, it's just perfect out there. :thumb:

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