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Ripped DaKine harness

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Ripped DaKine harness

Postby SurferBill » Wed Jul 09, 2003 5:18 pm

Hey I ripped both 'D' rings off my harness! I had a leash reel attached to the handle in back of the harness. After a typical beginner wipeout, no air, it ripped the handle off and tore out both D rings.

The stitching seems a bit weak. Where do you attach your reel leash?
I was out at 3ird Ave.

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Postby doc » Wed Jul 09, 2003 5:26 pm

something has to give in a bad wipeout when your learning.your better of putting a weaker bit of line in a section of leash that will don't want an angry board chasing you if you get out of control.(where a hat!)
your right i've had a couple of da kine harnesses they're crap,but they do replace them, you might be lucky.

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Postby » Wed Jul 09, 2003 6:36 pm

Anybody who thinks DaKine harnesses are "crap" is rare indeed.

I feed the top strap on one side of the spreader through the loop of webbing on my Reel Leash.

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Postby sq225917 » Wed Jul 09, 2003 10:32 pm

they do replace them, and a handle is for handling.

ditch the leash if you can asap.

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Dekine treated me great!

Postby BillSF » Fri Jul 11, 2003 6:03 am

Bought a Dakine seat harness from offdalip-Hawaii one-and-a-half-years ago. Two weeks ago, at Third Ave, it split up the butt! Weird as hell! I emailed offdalip, they said that it had been awhile, but they would check with Dakine, and BINGO! -- Dakine agreed to take it back for repair.

I mailed it to their address at the George, and last week I received a new seat harness!

With that kind of customer service, I will continue to purchase (and recommend) Dakine.

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Postby Petro9 » Fri Jul 11, 2003 7:43 am


I had an issue with my fusion harness, and Offdalip also offered to take it back, I think that both Offdalip and DaKine have excellent service!!! :D

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