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PERTH - watertemp, cooling wind etc? wetsuit for sunprotecti

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PERTH - watertemp, cooling wind etc? wetsuit for sunprotecti

Postby Guest » Mon Aug 18, 2003 11:35 am

how is the water temp in october? in december?

does it get unbearably hot in the summer or do the strong winds cool you down a bit?

what do you kite in? is it okay to kite in shorts or will you get burnt to pieces and get black bruises on your back? maybe a wetsiut is necessary?

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Postby F12-Flyer » Mon Aug 18, 2003 11:56 am

heya your gunna get burnt in summer. It will just be starting to get hot then a springsuit will be fine in the water and just add heaps of suncream to your legs and arms. either that or shorts and a long sleave rashy.

The water isnt really warm its a nice cool. and the wind will make sure of it.

winds range from 18-25 knots on a typical afternoon seabreaze.

It will get hot on the beach rigging up but once in the water its heaven I dont recommend anyone to kite without a rashy plus they are cool and cheap.

But a wetsuit is just as good I kitesurfed last summer with a full lenght on I only zip up the top half when I hit the water and it Keeps me feeling very nice not cold or hot.

Hope that helps

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