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Kitesurfing in PEI

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Kitesurfing in PEI

Postby ed257 » Thu Sep 04, 2003 10:45 pm

Hey you there...Canadians. Any good kitesurfing spots up in PEI (Price Edward Island)?

How about Isles de Madeleine?

I plan to spend a month up there next summer.



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Postby ptraykovski » Thu Sep 04, 2003 11:54 pm

Just got back from Isle de Madielne a few weeks ago I can't imagine a better place to kite in late summer to early fall (their windy season when it's not too cold)

They have lagoons every where seperated from the ocean by a thin barrier strip so you can always find some glassy smooth water..or walk across the dunes and go for a wave session. Much like hatteras but the barrier striips are usually narower and the beach angle chnages every 10 miles or so so you don't have to drive as far to get different exposers.

There are roads on the barrier strips within view of the ocean so you can setup some really dice downwind ocean sessions.

oh and all the beaches are huge and mostly empty so it is really safe. Only problem is you will kite alone unless you bring buddies or go to the one spot popular with windsurfers..whcih isn't ideal for kiting anyway

It is pretty cool. Defiently worth the ferry ride if you are up that way. they speak mostly french ther as it Quebec and there is a kiteshop called aerforce or something like that that does a bit o kitesurfing anf lots of buggying..traction action etc..

I checcked some PEI spots on the way home and there is some good potential for northerlies there but nothing like that madeline island which are truely unique.

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