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NORTHKITES hellloooouu?!?

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NORTHKITES hellloooouu?!?

Postby omg » Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:29 am

I'm riding with the 07 model atm and looking to buy more northkites BUT after this bladder/valve thing I'm getting very cautious on buying them!

There are quite a many threads on what's the problem with the new rhinos and will there be the same problems for Vegas which also has the two pump 'feature'?

It would be nice to get a response from Northkites, so that they come out and explain what's the problem and get back the trust of consumers since there are a lot of people (at least in my area) who are not willing to buy the new rhino as they don't know what kind of troubles they will get themselves into? And these people won't come here writing that they will choose another brand rather they are 'quiet' customers but customers nevertheless or perhaps no-north custumers.

Check out this thread, it's all about putting Northkites down: phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=2337259&start=20& ... 416c5300a6

So what do you do?!?

So far my kite is really performing but I'm afraid if I'm having a two week kite trip and the bladder bursts in back country where there are not repair shops so my kite trip is busted...

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