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Kite Team Cup 2006 - a good concept?

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Kite Team Cup 2006 - a good concept?

Postby Toby » Wed May 02, 2007 3:23 pm

The PKRA did a Kite World Team Cup in 2006 in Fleixeiras, Brazil. Each team had 3 riders with at least one girl. They had to compete in wave, kiteloop, old school and most progressive trick

Please watch this movie I just made and put online: ... 70&Itemid=

Then let me know what you think about the concept.

The PKRA does not do it anymore, which is a pity! They had some problems, but it was the first time for an event like this, and after it you can make i better. Each rider had to do ALL disciplines, which I think was wrong. Why should an old schooler do a most progressive trick? That doesn't make sense.

Is this something for the future?

I think yes!
It is nice to have teams, that make it more fun then fighting just for yourself. It shows all aspects of the sport.
But for sure the disciplines have to be split and only be done by experts of each disciplines.

So if you have a team of 3 riders (separate men and women!), you could do several disciplines, represented by just one member.

Does anyone wants to make an event? Think about this concept.


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