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Real: "Liquid Force Havoc - Hybrid Kite of the Year!

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Real: "Liquid Force Havoc - Hybrid Kite of the Year!

Postby alsbirk » Tue Apr 24, 2007 7:24 am

grabbed from ... em&id=1296

does anyone know what this "selection" is based on?

I think my Havocs are insane too, by have not had time to try a bunch of other hybrids.

Liquid Force Havoc - Hybrid Kite of the Year
Liquid Force Havoc - Hybrid Kite of the Year
For the past few years, the kite market has been dominated by bow and c-kites. Bow kites have swept back wing tips offering the most depower and easiest relaunch. The more traditional c-kites offer a greater arc and with it greater power and consistent turning. Today, hybrid kites are combining the best features of bow and c-kites and packing them into a rider friendly kite. In doing so, hybrids are providing riders the best of both worlds.

REAL Kiteboarding has dubbed the Liquid Force Havoc this year's "Hybrid Kite of the Year." The LF Havoc is a kite for all riding styles. Its consistent pull through the wind window makes it predictable for all users, riding styles and wind conditions. The canopy panel construction offers increased strength and rigidity. Beginners will love the Havoc for its total depower, zero-inversion, effortless water relaunch and one pump inflation. Advanced riders will go crazy for its light bar pressure, fast turning, massive pop and insane upwind performance.

"The 2007 Liquid Force Havoc is amazing! I just returned from spending a month of intense filming in Australia for a new kiteboarding dvd titled "Lines". During the filming, I rode LF Havocs ranging from 6-14m. They allow me to do everything that I could want to do in one kite! The LF Havoc has allowed me to teach total beginners to do there first water starts, help more advanced riders progress their riding to the next level, and then with the same exact setup go and take my own personal sessions charging any conditions that I desire." - Jason Slezak REAL Coach and Liquid Force International Team Rider

The Havoc's revolutionary design features a 25% flatter arc segment (as compared to traditional c-kites). The flatter arc combined with a leading edge bridal creates a kite that produces the power of a kite two sizes larger, while still offering total depower. This means a 14 meter Havoc will generate power equivalent to most 16m kites. Similarly, most 7m kites would generate less power than a 6 meter Havoc. Don't freak out because Liquid Force doesn't make a 16 meter Havoc. With the wind range in these kites, you'd never need it. The one-pump Union Inflation System makes set-up and breakdown easier than ever. Huge wind range and fast setup mean less pumping and more sessions!

"This kite is at least a year ahead of its time. All kites in the hybrid category will be copying the Havoc for years to come." - Trip Forman

The performance of the Havoc is complimented perfectly by the Havoc Control Bar. The design is simple and clean, yet it provides all the features you could ever ask for. The integrated cleat Depower System makes for simple on-the-fly power adjustment. The fully adjustable stopper piece allows the rider to adjust the chicken loop main-line length as well. Whether riding in consistent or gusty wind, these two features will assure your power stays at your desired level.

"LF has made an insane bar! The stopper is consistent, the release is quick and the safety options offer peace of mind while riding. The Havoc bar packs in all of these features without cluttering itself or including unnecessary pieces." - Matt Nuzzo

Thinking about quivering out? The Havoc offers many options for all weights. If you're on the lighter side (100 - 130 lbs.), think about hooking up the 4, 6 and 8. If you're a big guy (200+ lbs.), consider the 10, 12 and 14. If you're in the middle or you're looking for the ultimate, all-wind riding quiver, drop in on the 6, 10 and 14 Havoc. Any Havoc set up is sure to provide years of good riding and enjoyment.

"It's stable and solid through the wind window. The Havoc provides all of the benefits of a bow kite (depower, big wind range and easy relaunch), but it still feels like a c-kite, especially, when you unhook. The Havoc is a solid, stable kite that's also good in the surf." - Brandon Scheid

"If you like wave riding and depower, the Havoc is the only way to go!" - Bryan Elkus

"The Havoc is a good for lighter people. The light bar pressure is helpful for people who don't have a lot of upper body strength but still like a fast turning kite. It has a nice and simple bar. It gets a little wobbly when over powered, but solid when flying in its range." - Enily Vater

"The Havoc is a great kite for the beginner to intermediate rider. It offers great handling with exceptional depower capabilities." - Andy Gassner

"Light years ahead of its time, the Havoc sets a new standard in kite design. There's a reason REAL Coaches and clients are going nuts for this kite. Whether charging giant South Side surf, blasting through the Slick or getting someone stoked on their first ride, the Havoc is my kite of choice!" - Trevor Murchie

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Postby Satan » Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:15 am

Anybody remember what their review on bow kites was based on last year?

A Real classic.

As much fun is it is to bash Real, I'm bored of that. They got a good program. But their reviews are beyond biased. Last year's bashing of evey kite they didn't sell in their review of bows was over the top.

Good to see their staying positive this year.

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Postby Scribbler » Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:52 am

They're suggesting 3-kite quivers, spaced 2sqm apart???


At 90kg I only need 2 bows: a 14 and an 8.

Oh and a 19m Flysurfer ;-)

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Postby frez » Tue Apr 24, 2007 1:13 pm

f*** off.

Real are pimps for LF plain and simple. All the evidence I have seen with my own eyes on the beach says:

1. The Havoc 14 is a nice kite to fly with light bar pressure.
2. The RRD hypertype 12 and 15 have more power and not much heavier bar pressure. They are better in lighter winds IMO although the Havoc is better at the upper end of the range.
3. A North Rebel 16 also has more power (equivalent to the RRD Hypertype 15). I haven't flown it though.
4. A recent Kiteworld review included the 10M Havoc. The product clearly was not bad but nor was it anything special. Ok...mag reviews are crap...but it did have the inestimable Mr. Shinn commenting and I don't think he's particularly biased about kites. Boards of course would be something else..!

No comment on the smaller sizes.

This article totally loses credibility by

1. Quoting Jason Slezak - what the f*** else is he gonna say?
2. Who the f*** in the world knows who Trip Forman, Matt Nuzzo, Bryan Elkus, Enily Vater, et al are? Never fucking heard of 'em.
3. Right on Scribbler....2m apart hybrids indeed. A major selling point for SLE's is to allow a wider wind range and therefore give better value by reducing quiver size.

I am not anti LF; I have some of their gear and like it too.

But as far as I am concerned this article is an own goal. It's just got manufacturer and retailer bumming each other written all over it.

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Postby Satan » Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:10 pm

Dude, give it a break. It's not an article. It's an advertisment on Real's website. They can be as stoked on the gear they sell as they like.

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Postby Noabacca » Tue Apr 24, 2007 3:36 pm

Dude, give it a break. It's not an article. It's an advertisment on Real's website. They can be as stoked on the gear they sell as they like.

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Postby CaptainArgh » Tue Apr 24, 2007 11:13 pm

frez wrote:....
Real are pimps for LF plain and simple. All the evidence I have seen with ...
:lol: :lol: :lol: Are you serious?

What company isn't going to promote the products they sell?
Would you expect them to say "we have some pretty good stuff this year, but your money is much better spent over at another shop that carries Brand X. We like THAT kite better. But if you want to give us your money anyway..." :lol:

There's some good feature information in here and Real does sell a lot of brands. So, the takeaway should be, in comparison to the other hybrids they sell, this is their favorite.

They take a lot of heat for being the big dogs, but continue to do some great promotion for the sport. And if you do buy something from them, they'll support you on it. Give 'em a call from the beach, talk to a guy who has flown your kite, get support. :thumb:

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Postby vega240 » Tue Apr 24, 2007 11:43 pm

well well dont some of us have a temper. I am Brandon Scheid you may not know who i am but that dosent matter and i am quoted in the clear things up we ran the article because it is the best hybrid out of all the ones we carry. Yarga, trix, and the boxer are the only other SLE's we carry. So out of those four kites we found that the havoc works consistantly the best. Dont forget we teach so many ppl every year we get alot of feedback on our kites. To put it in perspective last year we taught over 6000 people. So we are just letting people know that the liquid force havoc rocks. And thanks to all the people that can see the article for what it is.


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Postby nab1000 » Tue Apr 24, 2007 11:45 pm

Real guys are supper helpful and dont desirve the bashing. They sell 6 different brands of kites which is very cool. If you ever have a problem with any of your gear you can call them tool free from the beach, and ask. Their obviously pushing the Havoc maybe because its a less known kite so their trying to put some information out about it. Its all good and i dont dought for a second that its a bad kite even though i havent flown it.

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Postby Nukin » Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:23 am

a 6m costs $1200 complete, Wow! I was considering adding a small 6m hybird/sle for heavy winds but $1200 seems a little bit steep.

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