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Waroo 17 or Waroo Pro 17 ???

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Waroo 17 or Waroo Pro 17 ???

Postby kitejunkie » Tue May 15, 2007 9:37 pm

Anyone actually fly both the regular waroo 17 and Waroo Pro 17 enough to have a good opinion?

Jumping? Upwind? Light Wind? Waves? Turning?

I am really just looking for opinions on the 17.

Big Thanks!

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Postby noel » Tue May 15, 2007 11:03 pm

Waroo - waves to flatwater. It's all good.

Waroo Pro - flat water and big air. Not the best for the wave riding but can make do.

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Postby Airtime » Tue May 15, 2007 11:07 pm

I've only flown the standard Waroo once ... but now have 15 hours or so on the Waroo Pro 17 ..

- Awesome jumps for such a big kite
- great pop just like all the WP's
- The best up wind performance out of any large kite I have flown
- Turns slow .. like all big kites... I would say it turns at about the same speed as my last years 06 Waroo 20m with smoother pull through the turns.
- WP relaunch in the sub 12 mph is extremely difficult and requires "c" kites relaunch skills " swim towards kite technique" to get this baby back in the air.
- my wind range - 10 to 25 mph (held to 30 mph gusts with no problem at my weight). `

I was out this morning with a buddy on a contra 17 .. the WP looked evenly matched with the Contra in light wind performance and turning speed . I think it beats the contra in up wind performance and lift ..

I think even BEST has commented on this a few times within threads on this forum and the BEST forum .. the 17 m Waroo and Waroo Pro kites are not necessarily light wind kites , but heavyweight rider kites, in order for a kite to be considered a light wind champion I think that the launch issue would need to be addressed in light winds.

So far I'm extremely pleased with my 17 WP ... It's close to what I was looking for a light wind machine.. last year I was on an 06 20 Waroo that was easier to relaunch, however, it was difficult to get any height in my jumps .. the pro has certainly exceeded my expectations in that department.


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