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Eclipse Thruster 16 and 12 ride report.

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Eclipse Thruster 16 and 12 ride report.

Postby Sloberdog » Wed May 30, 2007 6:10 am

Tested: Eclipse Thruster 12
Wind: 17 MPH avg, 14-20 MPH
Board: UG FLX 132
Weight: 190 LBS
Ability: Intermediate-advanced
Experience: 4 years.

Got to demo the T-12 in NC for about 1 hour. This kite felt immediately perfect, great lift, very lofty, and turns just right. The best way I can describe flying this kite, is that it does exactly what you want it to, as if controlling a part of your body. I have never flown a kite that felt this good. While there, I also got to try out the Thruster 14. The T-14 felt more like flying a very nice high performance kite, the 12 just felt so good. You got to try the 12. If I lived in a windier location, then this is the kite I would get.

Tested: Eclipse Thruster 16
Wind: 14.5 MPH avg, 12-16 MPH.

Just got back from a trip to Baja and flew my buddies brand new Thruster 16. I hate to admit it, but after flying this kite again (previous loaner), I do enjoy flying his kite better than my Naish Boxer SLE-15 (this is my main big kite). The T-16 is more responsive and has better depower capabilities. The T-16 also feels like it boosts higher, is loftier, and much more fun in the waves. I should have listen to him and taken my chances with a new kite company, Eclipse.

One of the coolest features about the Eclipse kites is the EZ Lock System. This is gizmo is a gem! It works like a fully adjustable stopper ball, except that it releases quickly and easily. Lock it and ride virtually hands free. I will definitely get one to replace the Naish SLE stopper ball system. I think this gizmo is going to be a popular mod for all one-lined chicken loop bars.

The one thing I noticed about these Eclipse kites is that they don’t kiteloop well when under-inflated. The kite likes being pump-up hard, then again maybe I should not rely on my rusted SS pressure gauge.

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Postby woodfu » Wed May 30, 2007 8:11 am

Re the EZ stopper on the naish cl line. DO it, it works really well provided you take the depower straps off the line and are not useing the freestyle leash.

One other thing you need to be aware off is that because the line is so long the ez can slide down and engage itself if you dont lock it off at the top so be careful when you're at the upper end of your boxers range or you'll get a rude suprise.

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