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what about your best way to self launch a fifth line C?

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what about your best way to self launch a fifth line C?

Postby geopeck » Sat Jun 16, 2007 4:14 pm

I have done it using the sand weighted tip, kite almost in flying position, as well as self launching similar to a bow (putting LE down, almost parallel to wind, pull furthest corner of kite towards me, kite catches wind, engage some fifth line, it rolls up on side and launches).

I don't like doing either of these in high winds though. Gusts can move the weighted tip kite around, and I've definitely missed my mark and had the "bow launched" kite take an additional tumble, ending up further into the window than I wanted. The "bow launch" also doesn't give you a good visual on all your lines before you power up

What's your safest technique? What's best for the kite? I have a feeling it includes lots and lots of fifth line pulling but haven't experimented on my own.

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