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7m Waroo/Bularoo & 12m Waroo Overlap

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7m Waroo/Bularoo & 12m Waroo Overlap

Postby Sun » Mon Jun 04, 2007 3:26 am

Proud owner of a 12m 2006 Waroo and 16m 2006 Caution Answer looking for a high wind kite. Note that the 2007 models are being discussed. I am into landboarding, so the Bularoo gets a few plus points. Waroo is cheaper, so a few pluses there. Basically, which kite complements my quiver better? Would a 9m Waroo be better than a 7m Waroo/Bularoo? Is there too much of a gap between the 12m and the 7m? I weigh 75kg and own a Skywalker Dimitri Pro 135cm and a 138cm Cabrinha Icon.


12m 2006 Waroo
16m 2006 Answer

7m 2007 Bularoo
7m 2007 Waroo
or 9m 2007 Waroo


Used gear ads welcome.

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Postby prep » Mon Jun 04, 2007 4:22 am

I have 2006 12 and 7m waroos and Im around 75kg.

on my twintip 127x37

12m 12-26kts
7m 26-40kts

on my surfboard I can make the overlap a bit bigger and get on the 7m at about 17/18kts

I love my 7m but it needs strong winds otherwise the power is VERY off and on and the kite doesnt behave nicely in gusty winds with big lulls.

like yesterday it was a constant 20kts, but with gusts every 15min up to 35kts and lulls down to 12/15kts. to much for the 12 in the gusts, to light for 7 in lulls.

Honestly I would get better use out of a 9m than a 7. unless you get alot of days over 35kts go the 9.

saying that I have had all of my best sessions on my 7m.

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Postby sq225917 » Mon Jun 04, 2007 12:56 pm

prep get the 9m waroo. it's a better fit, unless you get regular 30 knot+ days all the time.

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