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My first ride on my new 16 Rhino 07

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My first ride on my new 16 Rhino 07

Postby pitlisa » Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:00 am

Bought one, tried it, love it.

I got my first ride on it this Saturday in Netherland (Brouwersdam), good wind: force 5 i think --> most people were on its 12m2.
Me: 90kg with a Nobile Marc Shinn board 140cm

Got my kite with the new rhino 5th element bar, put it out of the bag and fixed it. Was a little bit afraid because I never rode a kite of this type not even a 5th line (just 20Rhino2 and 14 Rhino05 on only four lines).
But put it in the air and every thing seem to be well trimmed.
A lot of wind: made the kite on the most depowered position. When I stretched my arms: no power --> when pulling them in just about 10cm, beeing lifted. So my conclusion: it seemed that I am at its top end.
But remember, the first on this type of kite.

Took my board, go to water and rdie, just ride-->SO EASY-->maybe to easy-->pulling the bar power--->pushing the bar no power.
Upwind performance: very well

As I rode on this forum, that jumping technique was differrent, I was courious. After 5 min, I felted comfortably enough to try. Steered the kite back to 12o'clock and then pulled the bar:--->and there I was: in the air
jumping is so easy, I got really high and big air.
But I have to work on my landings, which weren't so soft as with my old Rhinos.

Second day: Sunday: not enough wind. Just to kite in water, trying to get upwind; but they got really big boards (maybe the door).

After 3 hours non-stop ride I'was really happy


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