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My golf bag is too small what should I get???

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My golf bag is too small what should I get???

Postby 5mmkiter » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:05 am

I have a NSI deceiver golf bag but can't fit 3 kites plus boards and other gear I need when I travel. What other bag should I get which still might allow me to travel for free on some airlines??

Dakine Airwagon
Cabrinha Wake Bag

Any other suggestions???

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Postby pbmaniac27 » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:11 am

ride snowboard bag with wheels

3 kites and a board no prob, board can be any length

never been charged and looks cooler than a golf bag

works even when going snowboarding in Miami

worth checking out

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Postby RGH » Thu Aug 23, 2007 3:01 am

The problem will be the 50 lb weight limit most/all Airlines have for baggage.

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Postby bleighty » Thu Aug 23, 2007 5:05 am

i have a cabrinah 165cm bag.. excellent shape.. too big for my travels so I bought an NSI for my last trip..

i sold it on ebay last week but the guy never paid me or responded to my emails..

pm me if you want photos and might be interested in purchasing..

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Postby Dwight » Thu Aug 23, 2007 11:18 am

Weight is more important than size for most airline people at check-in.

I use a large suitcase plus NSI bag, and keep weight below 50 pounds.

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Postby tautologies » Thu Aug 23, 2007 1:43 pm

I've gotten 2 boards, 3 kites in my NSI, but once I had to take the kites out of their bag to fit other stuff in the bag....I agree that you're cutting it close in terms of wieght, and you certainly will not easily convince someone that it is a golf bag if it says cabrinha kiteboarding on the side (or anyother kiteboarding)...I think..but don't quite know that the best bag and the naish bag is a little bigger...that should be able to fit quite a lot on the golf bag with some imagination.

when I sent the bag this time I had 1 kite and on board in it, but really a lot of other things...and then I sent 2 kites on a suitcase...


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Postby ronnie » Thu Aug 23, 2007 2:18 pm

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