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Rebel08 9m or 10m

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Rebel08 9m or 10m

Postby Wawando » Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:44 pm


There are many riders asking this and from what i tried:
- the speed difference is little
- the 10m has more power

It is always hard to give precise feedback, so using a relative comparision to "standard sizes":
- if you are looking for a something closer to 12m, go for the 10m (to use in days 13-18 knots, avg 14-15 knots or more)
- if you are looking for a 9m with better lowend, go for the 9m (to use in days above 15 knots, avg 18-19 knots or more)

I find north windranges accurate (at least for these sizes of Rebel08)

Hum... does this make sense? I hope it helps...

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Postby Foxi » Wed Sep 26, 2007 4:36 pm


I think the most important info you gave us simply is that there´s not that big change in character as it was in 07 and which made me going from a FOR ME nervous 9m (you praised for its speed ;-)) to a "smaller feeling 12m", namely the 10m.

That´s good news to me as to be honest in my standard strong wind conditions at lake Garda I felt my 08 10m to be already in its upper range and I would go 1m smaller if turning speed was that tad quicker I´d prefer for waveriding.

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