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Setting up Q Power lines...suggestions

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Setting up Q Power lines...suggestions

Postby kitezilla » Wed Nov 28, 2007 3:04 pm

Here is my answer to a question that was asked on the Best forum, on how best to set up Power lines:

Just curious about the knot used to make the loops..

what do you do with the loose end ? Does the knot slip at all ?

Also, does the knot provided a weak point in comparison to a splice ?

Sorry for all the questions - I've always been curious about doing this :)




Here's my 2 cents:

(1) I totally agree with the above comments on pre-stretching the line....but don't "bounce" back on them....I wrecked a QPower line once, doing this.....just lean back with steady pressure, for about 20 seconds.

(2) I have found that in tying the loops, that it is best to use a simple overhand knot.....that knot holds just as good as a figure "8" knot, and believe it or not, is much easier to untie, than a figure "8" knot. Don't ask me why, it just is. I know, because, at the first sign of wear on the outer casing, I use the technique of untying the the knot, moving the area of wear to a new location on the larkshead, and retying the knot. I have found the figure "8" knots to be difficult to untie. This reflects the unique character of QPower line over normal rope, where the figure "8" knot, is the knot of choice, just because it is a knot, that is easily untied. Go figure!

(3) I make goof-proof connectors, by using a piece of thin leader line sprectra, about 16 inches long, tying it into a loop with and overhand knot. I loop the pigtail, through itself, and through the larks head which is tied on the end of the QPower kite line. I use this arrangement on the front lines, since they carry most of the force from the kite.

(4) I find that the wear on the casing of the QPower larkshead on the back line is much less likely to occur, since the back lines carry much less strain than the front lines.

(5) I have dealt with the loose ends of the QPower line larksheads, in 2 ways: (A) Use colored electrical tape to wrap them...this can color code the lines, as an additional benefit.
(B) Use "Liquid Electrical Tape" to coat and glue the loose end to the main line. This coating can be striped off when the time comes to retie the larkshead, due to wear or line stretch.
(C) I would not use heat shrink tubing, since the overheating could damage the line (arguably), and the tubing could also, gather sand and hold it against the casing of the line, and abrade the line (again arguably).

(6) You can preserve the larksheads, tied in the QPower indefinitely, by making all the knot-to-loop connections out of leader line spectra. This prevents the wear on the QPower casing from connecting and reconnecting, an action that seems to always trap some sand in the connection, causing the wear.

Here is a picture showing the stuff I have been talking could spend a little time, and make things neater, but this method has worked well for me for about 5 years.

Note: Rob, I am having trouble adding the picture, so I will refer you to a post on Kiteforum for the picture:

I don't claim to be the final word on this subject, so I imagine Rob would appreciate comments and suggestions from others, on Kiteforum.
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