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Your thoughts on 2008 Vegas 9m2?

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Your thoughts on 2008 Vegas 9m2?

Postby markusf » Thu Dec 27, 2007 1:38 pm

hi all,

I have recently bought the 12m Vegas 08 and it's a brilliant kite for newschool and even for oldschool stuff as well.

I'm thinking of 9m2 Vegas to complement the 12m, but I have only briefly tested the 9m2 in it's top end range and it didn't give me the clear picture. So, have you tested the 9m2 enough to provide some feedback regarding the kite and even better to give some comparison to other sizes/kites?

Feedback appreciated!

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Postby swell » Fri Dec 28, 2007 2:04 pm

No. :)
But I think it will compliment your 12 well because you'll need no another (brand) bar and - unless you are very light - there is no need for smaller kite for freestyle tricks. I (83kg) used to have Vegas 7 2006 but this size does not perform well in high wind (for lightweight riders it surely does), let's say 24-30knots. The 9 works realy better for my weight even in that windrange. On the other hand the 7 is the best kite to use for waveriding in 18-26 knots range.
The 2008 Vegas are stated to be more like the 2006's and I could plane upwind on a twintip at 18knots with my Vegas 7 2006. So I think the 9 from 2008 will have also great lowend. As for highend I tested it too in 24-34knots and I was able to surf waves, not just jumping around on a twintip! :thumb:

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