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naish or monkey?

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naish or monkey?

Postby esdprotection » Thu Mar 20, 2008 4:55 pm

Toby! you are so pathetic with your small forum and your childish comments, get a life.
A real one! :bye:

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Re: naish or monkey?

Postby Crispy » Thu Mar 20, 2008 5:31 pm

I'm confused by this post. Is this comment in reference to something or just a general angry comment?

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Re: naish or monkey?

Postby tautologies » Thu Mar 20, 2008 7:52 pm

lol, yes good first post I must say. I guessing the guy has a different user name too...

I am interested what the ESD stand for in ESDprotection:

Could it be one of these perhaps?

Acronym Definition
ESD Electrostatic Discharge
ESD Estimated Shipping Date
ESD Estimated Start Date
ESD Early Supported Discharge (medicine)
ESD Eastsound, WA, USA - Eastsound/Orcas Island Airport (Airport Code)
ESD Ecologically Sustainable Development
ESD Economic Services Division (social service unit)
ESD Education for Sustainable Development
ESD Education/al Service District
ESD Educational Services Division
ESD Electrical Surgical Devices
ESD Electro-Spark Deposition (coating process)
ESD Electron-Stimulated Desorption
ESD Electronic Schedule Dissemination
ESD Electronic Sensitive Device
ESD Electronic Service Delivery
ESD Electronic Software Distribution
ESD Electronic Systems Division
ESD Electronics Support Detachment (US Coast Guard)
ESD Electrostatic Diode
ESD Electrostatic Dissipating (footwear)
ESD Electrostatic Dissipative
ESD Electrostatic Storage Deflection
ESD Electrostatic-Sensitive Device (Nortel)
ESD Elemental Standard Data
ESD Elliott, Suresh, and Donohue (thermodynamic model)
ESD Embedded Systems Design
ESD Embedded Systems Division
ESD Emergencies Science Division (Environmental Technology Centre unit, Canada government)
ESD Emergency Shut-Down
ESD Emergency Shutdown
ESD Emergency Shutdown Device
ESD Emissions Standards Division (EPA)
ESD Empirical Spectral Distribution
ESD Employé Speciale Diensten (Dutch)
ESD Employee Services Division
ESD Employment Security Department
ESD End of Screening Date
ESD Enemy Situation Data
ESD Energy Spectral Density
ESD Engine Shutdown Time
ESD Engineering Society of Detroit
ESD Engineering Support Division
ESD Engineering Systems Directorate
ESD Enhanced Services Development (Sprint)
ESD Enlightened Sound Daemon
ESD Enterprise Service Desk
ESD Enterprise Solution Delivery
ESD Envelope Sender Domain (email)
ESD Environmental Sciences Division
ESD Environmental Sensing Device
ESD Environmental Services Division
ESD Environmentally Sustainable Development
ESD Episcopal School of Dallas
ESD Equipped Shelf Data
ESD Equity Subordinated Debentures
ESD Equivalent Static Density (oil drilling)
ESD Error-State Diagram
ESD Estimating Shipping Date
ESD European Scientific Diver
ESD Evaluation and Support Department (GTE)
ESD Event Sequence Diagram
ESD Everett School District (Washington state)
ESD Evergreen School District (Vancouver, WA, USA)
ESD Executive Staff Director
ESD Executor-Class Star Dreadnought (Star Wars)
ESD Exercise and Simulations Directorate
ESD Expected Synchronization Delay
ESD Explanation of Significant Differences (environmental cleanup)
ESD Exploitation Support Data
ESD Exploration Systems Division
ESD External Symbol Dictionary
eSD Enhanced Services Directory (Lucent)

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Re: naish or monkey?

Postby Vin Stefanelli » Thu Mar 20, 2008 11:47 pm

Ooooh I really like
the shockwave 2's I just got

they are so cool
not like the Extra Sh!t Douche-bag
that owes me a f***!NG
PIPSQUEAK 5m buggy kite!
TONY..." onclick=";return false;

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