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Kite Repair

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Kite Repair

Postby Proparoo » Tue Apr 01, 2008 1:59 pm

This is a big "Shout Out" to all a Air Time Kite Repair... :thumb:
Ok, they did charge an "arm and a leg" but I still feel the need to let others know just how pleased I am with the repairs, workmanship, turn around time frame and organization.

Let me tell you, after a day at Folsom a couple of weeks ago, the wind dies and my kite dropped on the sharp rocks and then the waves forced the material down against the rocks. I was at my kite in less than 2 minutes but by then it was too late. After looking at it on the beach I ended up with 4 major rips over 10" each and a bunch of small ones.
I was so bummed and thought that if the kite was repaired it would look like C#$P
Got the kite back yesterday and I must say it looks great! Yes I can certainly see the repairs but they used factory material that matches perfectly, believe it or not I might not even notice the repairs unless I really look. One more thing, they will honor the repair for the life of the kite...

So I know there is great kite repair in SF, but for those of us who don't live near the Bay, I totally say, send it to Airtime....

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