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Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

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Kitesurf Dude
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Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby Kitesurf Dude » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:12 pm

I hate the way people go out and nearly kill themselves not knowing what to do!! grrrrrrrr

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby BBQFish » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:24 pm

They fly into's called natural selection..JUST KIDDING!! :thumb:

But i know what you mean, still...back in the days when i started, lessons weren't available.
So we learned through trail & error..but thought about every step we took, saved our butts on more then 1 occasion.

Nowadays i feel that Tom, Dick & Harry don't think but just do...and find out the hard way..sometimes the VERY hard way..
But can you blame them?
'My kite has 100% depower'...So it says on the bag. Good luck!

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby thaswisskid » Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:34 pm

the turth is, most vets make kiting look damm easy when beginers see us ride they think they can pull it off.

"I can just teach myself and save myself 500 bucks" :nono:

500 bucks is probably well spent vs having to get a kite fixed or end up in the hospital. Newbs just don't realise the amount of power that a kite can produce.

Hint; there is a reason guys can jump 40 feeet of flat water.

I learned the hard way, don't do it. I didn't have a choice nowadays its different thought. And a lot more one the line if you hurt someone and a lot more people pissed at you.
If you wana ride take the lessons.
BBQFish wrote:They fly into's called natural selection..JUST KIDDING!!
:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby afflatus » Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:42 pm


I don't know, it is pretty easy, after all...

thing is it takes some getting used to....

It's natural to try and maintain your attitude in the water by kicking you feet and squirming around...

you just need time to adjust, to let the kite control you....

all this takes time in the water.. flying a kite in the water, while floating is whole new ballgame

so, watertime is the key...but

the surf zone sucks, the swim zone sucks, standing on the beach waving a kite around sucks...

the whole fucking sand swami concept sucks...

Deep water tuition should be the cry

don't say kite lessons, we know what lesson a kite can teach you--BAM

Say Deep water tuition...

We want to say it's safer now right?

Well let's get the words right...


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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby Wetstuff » Tue Sep 16, 2008 5:55 pm

Some - actually many - do. I came upon a young couple who were given a couple of days lessons in HAT ... and sold a pulley-bar kite (?) and sent home. There was no wind in HAT so they got pulled behind a boat? (it's all about cash flow...)

Whoever sold it - didn't even bother to rig their safety. Their leash was hooked to the top of the chicken loop.

We take it upon ourselves to talk to newbies - shout at newbie idiots ...and patrol our launch. Only you can preserve your launch.

j i m

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby jcbua » Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:42 pm

I agree there are many people who in trying to learn on their own endanger themselves, others and the sport in general. But, then there's lots of others who do take lessons and then, have to go out there on their own and try to progress. Anyone remember what it's like to be a novice? I sure as hell do. And what I always never understood is why when people who've been kiting long enough to be able to kite anywhere at will they wanted, why then are these people (advanced kiters) drawn like moths to bright light to kite right up to, in front of, beside, around and over these people. When I see this I have to ask, who's the nuisence now?

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby Blamey » Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:14 pm

I decided at the beginning of summer to get into kiting and tried to get some lessons while in Florida. Scanned the net asked around. only got 1 call back and that was after I had been in back NY for 2 weeks.

So tried to get lessons out here or out in the hamptons, where some friends and I had a summer house. Similar story. Couldn't get hold of anyone to organize a lesson. also the a lack of transportation would have made it difficult to get to anywhere.

So I decided to go ahead and buy my own stuff. Got a 2m trainer and a 12m LF M80 and an old nash bar off ebay, and a harness.

Practiced with the trainer for about 6 hours. Tried to setup M80 and realized that I didn't know how to use the Nash Bar (still don't) and felt the kite was a big big of a step from the 2m to 12m, so I got a LF 9m MIG with bar lines pump ect from closeout dude. Watched some dvd's and internet videos on kite flying ect. Then took my 9m MIG out in lightish winds 10-15 knots and flew it around a few times. Then tried flying the 12m a couple weeks later in similar wind but popped the leading edge. So no more big kite. The winds here never get that strong so I need a bigger kite. I am now left with a kite that is too small for the wind around here (but will go nicley in an eventual quiver), a bust kite that isnt worth repairing, a Nash Bar that isn't worth much.

I didn't get a lesson because it was inconvenient, I feel I was safe as I could be but there was a lot of potential for error and injury. In hindsight I wish I has gotten a bigger trainer and stuck with that a bit longer then gotten a lesson. I think I am done with the teaching myself. I don't want to buy more equipment without knowing more and I don't want to venture out in stronger winds so next step is a lesson. Going home (Cape Town) in mid Nov and will probably do lessons there.

Anyway apologies for the ramble but was just trying to give and idea why one would not get a lesson.

Also if anyone can recommend someplace that does weekend lesson package trips that would be great.

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby Kite-4-Life » Tue Sep 16, 2008 10:18 pm

Blamey- I will PM some local info and recommendations.
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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby ryuu » Wed Sep 17, 2008 12:03 am

Because I can't speak Japanese!!!!!
I hate the way people make generalized statements without knowing all circumstances.

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Re: Why dont Kite learners get lessons!!!!

Postby SUPERKITERJACK » Wed Sep 17, 2008 5:00 am

probably because it's $150 hr to learn how to fly a trainer kite...
and while taking instruction is good, your still going to have a problem someday
that they just didn't cover...
most people probably feel $1500 is alot to just learn a new sport... for a few hours on the beach
when i was learning, i saw plenty of very "accomplished" riders act like complete
i agree though, there are some people, with or without lessons, that just don't give a shit.

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