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Fuerteventura kiting

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Fuerteventura kiting

Postby trasver » Thu Nov 13, 2008 10:42 am

Hi all, long time browser first time poster! :lol:

I'm heading to Fuerteventura on the 27th December staying in the Elba Sara Hotel at Caleta de fuste for a week 8) . I know the kiting is good on Fuerteventura but how is it that time of year?

Can I kite around Caleta de fuste or will I need to travel?

Any info is welcomed!


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Re: Fuerteventura kiting

Postby Faber » Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:05 am

Personally I prefer the northern part Cottilo and Corralejo. Especially the Corralejo beaches are spetacular. I went on july this year and I had good wind all days. Rebel 9, was my main sail, but I've seen several ones goign well with a 7 meters too.
I don't think December is the best time for winds ( you'll not have the trade winds in this period ). You'll find good good waves in this season, but it's also ocean so you can be lucky to have good wind as well, then you'll be in paradise.

Great food, nice people around, not expensive......
Ill come back in this very nice island for sure :thumb:
Have fun !

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Re: Fuerteventura kiting

Postby Doris » Thu Nov 13, 2008 11:16 am

Hi Transver, To answer your question, Fuerteventura is an amazing place to go kitting, but as Faber said this is more of a wave time than wind. Nevertheless, a group of friends have just come back from Fuerte and they said there were 15-18 knots most of the day, almost everyday.

the strong winds are in the summer but at this time of the year you can do some kitesurfing, probably one of the best in your life! :rollgrin: side on winds, perfect 1.5 mt waves, beautiful landscape, great people, cool nightlife...and not expensive.

From where you'll be staying you may need to travel a bit. But Fuerte ain't BIG so you could hire one of the traditional runned down vans (which they normally rent to windsurfers to carry all their stuff) very cheap and cruise around. Definetely worth it.

Enjoy! :bye:

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Re: Fuerteventura kiting

Postby gmb13 » Thu Nov 13, 2008 6:07 pm


I hope you are not expecting much wind.

Fuerte is only consistently windy in the Summer months.

Winter I would say its 20% Chance of wind. You may get lucky and get a storm and get 4 days of wind in a row, but it's luck of the draw..

Bring at least a 3mm wetsuit the water does get cold in the Winter nowadays.

The good news is that the Surf will be good, so if you can Surf too then you will have a great time, but again you are gonna have to drive somewhere to do that. You have chosen to stay in the most touristy town on the Island. The beach there is completely protected from wind as waves.

Either way you will have to drive 30minutes to the North or an Hours to the south to go kiting, There are no launches anywhere near Caleta.

At least you are staying right next to the only McDonalds on the Island. :thumb:

If you are there you can always give Flag Beach a call and find out what the Wind is doing.

The Beach number is:
+34 609 029804

Fuerte Local

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Re: Fuerteventura kiting

Postby trasver » Mon Nov 17, 2008 10:01 am

Cheers guys

Sounds good! Its not a kiting holiday, we're going on a family holiday and as an afterthought I thought I could go kiting there! Might bring my gear anyway just in case but will definitely bring the surf board!

Thanks again

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Re: Fuerteventura kiting

Postby Ferosimo » Mon Nov 17, 2008 8:23 pm

by those vans for hire did you mean this
it looks coool, however can you get a cheaper deal, 55 a day its not a lot but considering two weeks stay ,it would add up.

Regarding the winds is june ,july august equaly relaiable. and last question :D do beaches get to crowded in those months.

cheers for good holiday tip , this forum is good for something after all :naughty:

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