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2008 LF Mission 138 vs. 2010 LF Influence 138

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2008 LF Mission 138 vs. 2010 LF Influence 138

Postby joshb » Wed Jul 28, 2010 6:29 am

I currently ride a 08 LF Mission 138 and looking at upgrading to a 2010 LF Influence 138. I love how the Mission rides and handles chop, but it needs a lot of power to perform. Has anyone made the change and offer some help. Looking at a comparison between to low end and how the board handles in rough chop. Thanks.

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Re: 2008 LF Mission 138 vs. 2010 LF Influence 138

Postby adamrod » Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:13 pm

uhh, the influence 138 is so much better. so so so much better.

the influence has quite a bit of flex, but still decent rocker. low end on the influence compared to the mission is insanely low. the mission was a pretty tough board to ride in light wind...the influence is great...big big step up.

if you're looking for something with a stiffer ride, you might want to consider the DLX though...the DLX is more of the spiritual successor to the mission IMHO but it still has much much better low end than your mission.

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