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The joys of kiteSurf- just to relax

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The joys of kiteSurf- just to relax

Postby mergulhao » Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:22 pm

After spend a nigth reading the "So what's the story Mel" topic
i would like, just to relax a little, to forget for a wile
these accidents and to think about that that of fact in gives joy to us in this sport that we all love so much.

Let's forget a little the strings that if roll, lofting and the
gusts and luls and to speak of that in it exactly takes us to
continue to make kitesurf. Let's talk the joy that gives to slide in the
water, or to surf the waves, in the adrenalin of the burst jumps,
the soft landings after some seconds gliding. In the force of the wind
transformed into speed, the control of this force of the nature, into
the tumbles in the water after an edge badly fact, in the pleasure of
a high speed turn. In the evolution and they estimates staff who we
earn after the first jump, or the tril to go up wind for the first time.
Do you remember?
Let's talk in that we feel when a maneuver that we are to try to
as much time leaves for the first time perfect, in the pleasure of
raising the wing and going to run for the water, in the joy of
the beachers when seeing a beach all colorful for the kites. In the
control of the fear and the pass of the obstacles that we find while
we make kite. In the life that moved full for we discover this sport.
In the pleasure of a new wing or a new board. In the good that we feel
after one day of perfect wind. In the pleasure to be full
isolated of all the problems and to feel the total freedom to be
ourselves. Of the total abstraction. Of the concentration. Always
without forgetting the security rules, but I doubt that if we toke
off as much pleasure of the kite when we go it water to think that
everything goes to run badly or that we go cripple ourselfs. The
important is to respect the others and you. It is to know
the dangers and to be prepared, but to take off maximo pleasure when
we do practised kitesurf. :thumb:

and you, what do you really enjoy in kite surf? How it was your big day in this sport?

enjoy kite :bye:

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Postby Djizasse » Fri Jun 20, 2003 2:15 pm

You've said it :thumb:

I even forget that Carcavelos is a "no no" in the summer, did you see it last thursday? Talking about a crowded spot hehehe

C U Mergulhão, with a little luck, maybe this weekend in Nova Vaga.

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