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blind backflip

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blind backflip

Postby Guilly » Sat Jan 29, 2005 11:07 pm

blind backflips or tantrum maybe.
Anyways i saw it a video and is so stylish and sweet.
Any advice on it.

Or simply on jumping from blind position.
I can ride and land blind on snow, havent been able to try on water yet, but when i do get on the water how to go about it?


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Postby harken » Fri May 20, 2005 1:05 am

Hi Guilly,

Are you talking about a Tantrum to Blind? If so the only way I really know how to do them is off a small wave or roller.

As you edge toward the kicker have your kite about 45 to 55 degrees. The lower the better. As you come close to the wave make sure you have good speed on this. Edge toward the wave and as you come to it roll off you edge a bit so that you flatten out a bit. You will need to take this trick up, not out.

As you ride up the wave slightly off edge, let go with your back hand and square your shoulders up to the face of the wave. You will want your shoulders parallel with the face. You should be looking the direction you just came from. Make sure you ride all the way up the face and as your front foot leaves the face, throw your head back and look for the water.

Make sure you keep your arm in tight or you will lose control on the landing.

As you are coming down spot your landing. As soon as you do so, look hard over your back shoulder and take your lead hand and pull it into the small of your back, in fact push it past the small of your back but keep it close. As you land try and land on your toeside edge or else the kite will pull you on your butt. You'll need to switch hands pretty quickly and look to see what the kite is doing but that is waht it will take.

Make sure you get the tantrum down consistent first, thenn work on putting the last 180 in there.

Have fun!!

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