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Cutting Injuries, fatalities in HALF...?

Posted: Wed Mar 17, 2004 9:25 pm
by RickI
An idea was brought up recently that might move things in this direction in kiteboarding if the techniques are developed. It isn't as easy or convenient as current practices.

For those of us who have been injured, that wasn't very easy or convenient to deal with either was it? Maybe this is an idea that we should kick around a bit and think about ...

It has to do with an old practice, launching and landing without being connected to your control bar or being "unhooked." Four line kites complicate things a bit but it may be worth refining the techniques.

The analysis of the 2002 accident/fatality experience suggests that such a technique could really slash the injury rate. This will give technology a chance to catchup with the development of new, more reliable and hopefully automatic depowering systems and buy more time for the dissemination of safer kiteboarding practices without necessarily paying the price in additional, avoidable injuries and fatalities.

Right now there is a startling increasing trend in serious kiteboarding accidents worldwide. We can work to avoid this if we choose to. It is up to us. More about this idea at:


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