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Thin Ice - Has This Been Much Of A Problem?

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Thin Ice - Has This Been Much Of A Problem?

Postby RickI » Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:23 pm

I just heard about a fatality that initially I had thought might have involved a snow kiteboarder but later learned that the man was ice boating. Skaters and ice fishermen have had to deal with judging the thickness and stability of ice for centuries. Has this been much of an issue for snow kiteboarders?

I know that various outfits are putting together educational snow kiteboarding videos. I have yet to see one of these but hope to soon. Living in Florida, snow kiteboarding is more of a distant concept than a tangible reality. I came across some tips and guidelines from other activities that might be of help for setting up an riding area for snow kiteboarding over a frozen lake or river. ... afety.html

What precautions do you folks take in the early and late season with the ice is thinner than at other times?

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