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lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.

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Postby RickI » Thu Mar 18, 2004 3:37 pm

VIDEO NIGHT comes to Ft. Lauderdale, again!

Chris Kjos of KitesurfUSA ( ) got in touch a couple of days ago about a gathering at the beach.
Chris runs a kiteboarding school, retail and rental concession on Ft. Lauderdale beach in South Florida. The
wind was on, a bit, so the folks could ride up to sunset as I warmed up the videos on the big screen.
George Saunders of Kiteflix ( ) catered the entertainment by providing
a DVD of a TON of content that exists online at his website. I didn't keep track but it seems like there was an
hour and a half or more of well crafted kiteboarding clips. Be sure to checkout the video clips right on your
own computer by visiting We had the unusal opportunity to see all these great videos in a large
format, with a seabreeze and a full moon rising overhead.

Image Image
Day ... and ... Night, beachside in Ft. Lauderdale and the site of kitesurfUSA.


Some of the thirty or so riders that showed up to checkout the flix's. I had a camera along so I nailed some shots of the action.

Let the riding begin!

Chris Kjos and Amber. Chris also wanted to throw Amber a going away party. She, like so many other Floridians,
is making the great crossing to Maui for all the abundant fun and resources that unique setting has to offer.
Amber is a relatively new kiteboarder but works in the Dive business as a boat captain. So be sure to swing by
Maui Divers and book a charter with our ex-patriot when you visit Maui.

The setting
Full size: ... _VR_1s.jpg

Image Image
We got to see some great clips from the recent Jupiter Competition and startling calm water shredding from "Day 1."

A kiteboarding extra looking for his board? Probably looking for a nice four line doggy biscuit instead!

The beach clears out ...

Image Image
We even had a visit from our favorite Swiss model, Karin. You may recall that she was at the Jupiter competition,
shown here being shot by George!

Evening ocean side ...
Full size: ... _VR_5s.jpg

Thanks to all the folks that showed up, to Chris and his wife for all the food and comfortable surroundings and
to George of for all the great videos!

See you folks later at next video night on the beach ...

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