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lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.

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Postby RickI » Thu Apr 08, 2004 5:27 pm


<img src="" width="750" height="300">
(CLICK on this link for full sized image)

The THIRD kiteboarding competition blew through Islamorada this March and was the best event yet. Lots of shredding guys and girls came to town to ride and so did the WIND! Great winds blew through the event for DAYS ranging from 20 to in excess of 30 knots!

<img src=" ... a_Keys.jpg" width="750" height="500">
2. ... a_Keys.jpg
Islands in the Stream or more accurately the Florida Current! Islamorada is set in a world of blue sandwiched between mainland Florida, the Bahamas and Cuba. The reef tract and shoreward flats arching along the Keys create sheltered FAST blue-green waters with frequent good winds. Event organizer, Brad Lange, his wife Malea and reside in the middle of it all in Islamorada.

<img src=" ... _s_001.jpg" width="750" height="300">
3. ... _s_001.jpg
Up, over and on for more ...

RESULTS -> Information about the winners of this excellent event appear at:
and at the Sevensports Event site at:

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Lots of action as Brad tools out on his wetbike.

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Andy Hurdman of Bestkiteboarding flies off in typical smooth style. Andy came in second in the Pro Mens competition. A great video of Andy's amazing balance and execution appears at:

<img src=" ... Q_45_s.jpg" width="500" height="500">
5. ... Q_45_s.jpg
Julie Simsar of Globerider kites goes off the kicker, geared up for impact and looking good! Julie won the Pro women's event and is a Strong up and coming competitive kiteboarder.

<img src=" ... _G_001.jpg" width="750" height="500">
6. ... _G_001.jpg
Wonder what hair mousse this rider uses?

<img src=" ... _G_001.jpg" width="750" height="500">
7. ... _G_001.jpg
Neil Hutchinson's X-RATED KITEBOARDING crew staffing the event. More about this unique kiteboarding travel/kite tour company at: complete with trips, videos, rates and more. Several of these women competed and Neil was head judge at the Islamorada Invitational. Thanks Neil!

<img src=" ... Q_49_s.jpg" width="750" height="500">
8. ... Q_49_s.jpg
Passing by at the Islamorada Invitational.

<img src="" width="450" height="500">
Kite Beach?

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
This was not assembled with Photoshop! There were lots of kites on the water at times but congestion wasn't much of a problem despite the image.

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Alex of goes off ...

<img src=" ... _G_001.jpg" width="300" height="450">
10. ... _G_001.jpg
Kicking off solo ...

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Launch time.

<img src=" ... Q_47_s.jpg" width="750" height="500">
12. ... Q_47_s.jpg
Cabrinha Kent floats along!

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Mark Doyle, riding for Slingshot, WON the Pro Men's for the event.

<img src="" width="550" height="500">
Jason Stone, Pro rider for

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Cabrinha Kent (?) glides by overhead ...

<img src="" width="450" height="500">
Go time ...

<img src=" ... Q_34_s.jpg" width="750" height="500">
18. ... Q_34_s.jpg
Is that a "Bill Seeking Missle (board)???" OUCH!

<img src="" width="400" height="500">
Pro Riders Bri Chimel (RRD) and Damien Leroy (Cabrinha) hookup for the camera.

<img src=" ... Q_33_s.jpg" width="750" height="300">
19. ... Q_33_s.jpg
Down, Up & On ...

<img src=" ... Q_46_s.jpg" width="700" height="500">
21. ... Q_46_s.jpg
Jon Modica, one of the winners of the Men's Outlaw class looks up before splash down. The kite-powered Hobie Cat tools along in the background.

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
The kite-powered HMS Hamish Minnow flounders on a kayak reef. Hamish and crew charged up to get some big air off the kayak but were seized & held by the Sirens of the Barkie.

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Fluid Play ...

<img src="" width="750" height="500">
Loading up & unhooked ...

<img src=" ... Q_48_s.jpg" width="750" height="500">
25. ... Q_48_s.jpg
Pass up and on ...

<img src=" ... Q_70_s.jpg" width="750" height="300">
26. ... Q_70_s.jpg
Sometimes things just go SPLASH!!!

So that is a quick look at the Islamorada Invitational. Many thanks to Brad Lange/, and all the other sponsors and volunteers that made this event not only possible but an outstanding competition! A complete listing of sponsors and links will be included as soon as I obtain the complete list. Lots more action shots to come so stay tuned ...

NOTE: If there are missing or incorrect rider or sponsor names please send the photo number and information by PM to Ricki.

Copyright FKA, Inc. 2004
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Local Beach: SE Florida
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Postby RickI » Mon Jul 05, 2004 12:39 pm


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