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Trouble coming ... what would you do?

lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.

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Trouble coming ... what would you do?

Postby RickI » Fri Apr 16, 2004 8:48 pm

Originally Posted: 05 Aug 2003

You have had a great day riding but got careless and didn't notice a black squall or storm cloud moving in fast. You know from experience that such squalls can toss out sudden wind gusts 20 kts. above background windspeed, sometimes higher. You have drifted down from your normal riding area into an area of beach with a 10 ft. high seawall setback about 50 ft. from the water's edge. You can see the windline full of whitewater approaching and you don't think you will be able to make it to shore before it hits. You remember the three guys that didn't make it last year, after being lofted into hard objects onshore under similar conditions in various parts of the world.

What would you do?

for the answers checkout:


Issue #1 of Kiteboarder Magazine has been sent out nationwide. Speaking with Publisher Brad Lange and Editor Ryan Riccetelli the goal of this new publication is to promote safe & sustainable growth in the sport of kiteboarding and emphasis the fun that kiteboarding delivers.

The target of the mag. are actual riders, you and me in other words, groms to O.G.s. The cover rider, riding in the tube of a wave is a 37 year old guy, looking good too. KB Mag. delivers news and practical advice on travel, new gear, tricks, gear rigging & repair AND a fair amount about safety and access issues. The mag. in large measure is devoted to tossing out ideas to try to keep the good times flying at your launch and everywhere else.


In addition to a bunch of great feature articles about Andre is Oz, Lou Waiman, Pete C's 70 ft. triumph, VG '04, there are a LOT of intriguing new columns in the mag. such as:

411: News and Information

SMACK: Industry News and Gossip

Airstrology: Astral planning for boardheads!?

Skunked: or how to avoid this sinking, stinking sensation while riding.

Tips from an O.G.: Older Grom???

Send It: Happening Kiter News In Snaps

Close-up: Pros Up & Personal

EXPOSED: Sick Photos, Photos and MORE Photos


PROGRESSION: Trick Photo Sequences For Guys That Just Wanna Go Off!
(SIX two pages sequences are included in issue #1)

Analyze This ... New Gear and Tips From the Manufacturers

Workbench: HOWTOFIXITURSELF, practical tips for guys that just wanna get it done.

Maintenance: An indepth gear fix-it article

Yard Sale: Busted moves caught in pictures.

Safety Rick: Ideas to keep the good times flying.


...AND... KB Mag. is serious about working to improve safety and keep access with:

--a feature article about how to try to avoid bans,
--Kiteboarding Etiquette 101 (avoiding problems)
--the COMPLETE Safe Kiteboarding Guidelines,
--the Safety Rick column,
--Tweak Carton Satire courtesy of Los Preston,
--a listing of Kiteboarding Associations and Schools Nationwide,
--more kite leashes in photos

and more.


KB Mag. is off and flying hard, check out this issue and copies to come. This is your mag. so enjoy it and pickup a copy soon. Use both hands cause it is heavy! A complete pdf copy of Issue #1 appears at:

Good winds and riding!

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