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Cabrinha, Randle & Bro's In Major Surf On the Big Screen

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Cabrinha, Randle & Bro's In Major Surf On the Big Screen

Postby RickI » Mon Apr 19, 2004 3:57 pm


This came out a while back but with Pete Cabrinha's recent triumph after riding a 70 FT. WAVE in the Billabong XXL Awards., it came to mind again.

More about the massive wave ride and award at:

We are talking about a bunch of local guys from Hawaii showing up in the Cinema in the movie "In God's Hands" to tow into some monsters.

Photos from: ... ands.shtml

The story line may be a bit out there but the cinemaphotography is nice. For guys that obsess about the ocean in, on and off the water why not make this a BlockBuster Night? Or pick it at a low price online for instance at at: ... 12-8000815


In God's Hands (1998)
# Credits . Cast: Patrick Shane Dorian --- Shane
# Matt George ------------ Mickey
# Matty Liu --------------- Keoni
# Shaun Tomson ---------- as himself
# Brian Keaulana --------- Brian
# Derrick Doerner -------- Derrick
# Pete Cabrinha ---------- Pete
# Rush Randle ------------ Rush
# Maylin Pultar

Directed by: Zalman King
Produced by: Tom Stern
Executive producer: Zalman King, Aladdin Pojhan, David Saunders
Music by: Paradise
Music supervisor: Amanda Scheer-Demme
Editor: James Gavin Bedford, Joe Shugart
Director of photography: John B. Aronson
Written by: Matt George, Zalman King
Rated PG-13
Comments In "In God's Hands," the stars are strong surfers in their own right. Patrick Shange Dorian is the number 2 ranked professional surfer in the world.

Shane, Mickey and Keoni travel the Pacific Ocean for a chance to surf. The story begins on a beach in the South Seas. From there, their adventures take them to Bali and Hawaii. When you surf the really big waves, the 40 foot surf - you put yourself In God's Hands.

Director Zalman King's previous films include 9 1/2 weeks and Wild Orchid.

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