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Careless kiteboarder arrested

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Careless kiteboarder arrested

Postby RickI » Sun Apr 25, 2004 2:10 am

The following is a repost of a recent email from Paul Menta made on the FKA list:

"Something for everyone to think about:
I went to Mexico to organize a kiteboarding championship over the new year.
We had it on some different beaches with 1000's of people and no problems, a
lot of help from the police. when you think things out on what you will do
and look at what the problems can be, it makes it easier to avoid them.

On a previous trip, I had a talk to an instructor there who taught on a
crowded beach about safety ,leashes ect.kinda laughed at my dumb American

Well mister rocket engineer teaches on the beach the day before the event,
very crowded, no room, NO LEASH! 18MPH/F-ONE FOIL 2LINE

needless to say the student lost the kite, bar hit a child and wrapped her
up and drug her into a palapa. She was hurt pretty good.

Homeboy that was teaching was arrested and put in jail. They considered this
a harmful act that he knew would happen. He had it coming to him, you will
soon be taking responsibility for you actions with this sport. Next day for
the comp, they came and checked the safety and let us go. Did not lump us in
with the idiot.morel of the story: Keep your shit straight and you wont be
grouped with those who don't!

aloha... Paul Menta"

This sport is not as easy as it looks. Kiteboarders that ignore this may cause harm to others as in this case and to themselves. Going to jail for poor judgment is no picnic. Overconfidence and carelessness can earn all sorts of reality checks and punishments. Hurting others in the course of this is inexcusable. Lots of riders have concluded that they don't need kite leashes and particularly with foils. This avoidable accident proves them wrong. There are far more inflatable kites in use than foils these days. An inflatable kite can travel much further at speed and with full power than a foil. ALL KITEBOARDERS NEED TO USE TESTED KITE LEASHES AND KEEP RESPONSIBLE DISTANCES FROM OTHERS.

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