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lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.

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Postby RickI » Sat May 15, 2004 3:40 am

ALL riders that ride at Crandon Park or intend to do so in the future are strongly encouraged to attend a meeting at:

Crandon Park Visitors' and
Nature Center
6767 Crandon Blvd,
Key Biscayne, FL

to be held on:

Saturday, June 5, 2004

at 2:00 pm **SHARP** So please DON'T BE LATE.

We will discuss plans for NEW provisions to maintain kiteboarding access into the future at this great launch. The plans are a substantial departure from measures that have been attempted to date at Crandon Park.

The proposed plans currently involve mulitiple PASA certified schools/vendors operating out of the Park and administering access to riders that live in the area as well as visitors. A certification card will be issued following the establishment of minimum profiiciency known to exist to the instructors or as established through a proficiency exam. Automatic qualification of registered, paid FKA members with Crandon Park access has been proposed.

These measures allow the best hope for continued access for kiteboarders at the Park and allow for substantially greater flexibility for both residents and visitors to have access to ride here than has been possible in the past.

Additional program details remain to be established but the goal is to provide relatively easy access to proficient riders to kiteboard at the Park with minimal annual fees administered by multiple onsite schools in an organzied, acceptable fashion to the Park. Our numbers are growing, something like this is a good thing here to not only maintain access but in fact potentially expand access.

Your participation in this important meeting is encouraged.

While new provisions for access are being put into place PLEASE follow all the Crandon Park Rules and don't create the basis for the reconsideration of these progressive plans by the Park.
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