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STILL OT - Is THAT a Shark???

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STILL OT - Is THAT a Shark???

Postby RickI » Sun Aug 29, 2004 10:06 pm


YES, revisting the same area the next day.

Well, sort of anyway. Nurse sharks remind me of big, sleepy dogs most of the time. They just don't inspire the same regard say as a large hammerhead beyond which they are quite common unlike hammerheads, here anyway. When nurse sharks bite, which occurs rarely, with teeth that have been compared to sharp bristles in smaller individuals, it can really hurt. I had a friend in high school who during a UW Brain Disconnect, tried to PULL about a 4 ft. nurse shark out from under a ledge by its tail. Yow, Darwin here I come! Anyway, he succeeded in getting the shark to come out. It slammed its head on his chest several times and then sped off. During all this the nurse managed to flay the skin off top of one of the guy's hands.

This one picked up a hook and line.

Then there was the time a real small nurse took a mouthful of neophrene out of my wetsuit, also when I was in high school with more than a little provocation but that is another story. It is amazing that some guys make it past HS sometimes.

Get me away from these annoying divers.

This porquipine fish started to look menacing but I was able to fend it off. Actually as cute and harmless as they appear, I understand that they can nip a finger off if you grab them to watch them inflate into a nice ball shape.

So, no manatee this day nor wind for that matter but it was relaxing all the same.

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