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lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.

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Postby RickI » Thu Oct 21, 2004 2:02 pm

Surf Expo 2004 coming back into view for a
look at more kiteboarding innovations ...


The runway is running, rolling out all those fashions ...

So, let's move into kiteboarding territory and checkout Liquid Force


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to speak with LF at the show but did receive some info via email and from the Internet. Some details provided about the new Spectrum II kite and other gear follow.

2005 Liquidforce Spectrum 2
Spider Inflation System : gone are all the ball valves and individual strut inflation. One pump does all five internal struts, then the second pump does the leading edge and wingtips. The system is fully independent and removable.
Fully Spinning Bar: safety leash and release system, with powerlock bar and ratchet depower strap.
- 5th line attachment point built into the leading edge.
- Leading edge and wingtip struts joined into one.
- New sail cut and increased panels for a tighter, more rock solid canopy.
- Increased diameter wingtip struts for increased stiffness.
- Beefed up seams and triple stitched construction.
- New edgier graphics design.

Sizes: Surface area: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 17 20m

Kite graphics for 2005

Boards starting from the top on the rack with the black board, the MLF 120 cm, Element (128, 134 cm), WLF (130,140 cm), Drop Ltd (132,138 cm).

The Element boards utilize Liquid Force’s exclusive Supercore. The Divinycell foam that Liquid Force uses has the high strength to weight ratio, and won’t take on water like some cheaper foams or balsa cores. Unique single to double concave bottom with channels exiting out of the scalloped tail. Element Series – 128cm x 41cm and 134cm x 42cm

WLF Series – 130cm x 46cm and 140cm x 46cm
The WLF boards also utilize Liquid Force’s Hybrid Sidewall construction.

Drop Limited Series – 132cm x 40cm and 138cm x 41cm
The Drop Limiteds utilize Liquid Force’s exclusive Hybrid Sidewall construction utilizing snowboard technology. Limited edition boards incorporate ABS sidewalls, partially capped.

A closer view of the WLF.

PBT Top and Bottom Sheets – Indestructible, lightweight and shiny. Snowboards and wakeboards have been using it for years. Lightweight, flexible and strong. All Liquid Force boards have it on the deck and the base.

Stainless Steel Inserts - All boards have stainless steel footstrap and handle inserts.

Resin Molded Fins – Computer designed foiled fins are resin molded for the high strength. Four fins with every board.

Sublimated Graphics – All Liquid Force boards have the graphics sublimated into the PBT top and bottom sheets. The graphics are designed to not rub off or fade away in the sun.

The back of the MLF followed by the Drop (130, 136 cm) and the Truth (150, 160 cm).

Drop Series – 130cm x 39cm and 136cm x 40cm
The Drops incorporate rounded rails and a deep single concave bottom.

Aura 132 Ltd. – 132cm x 40cm Also utilizing Liquid Force’s Hybrid Sidewall construction. The same shape as the Drop Limited boards, with graphics designed for women riders.

LF Air Footpads – Ergonomically designed footpads are canted inward to properly align knees and hips while riding. Proper alignment allows for less muscle fatigue and safer landings. Airpack under heel dampens vibrations and cushions the ride, further saving your knees on landings. Soft molded EVA foam forms to your feet providing a snug, comfortable fit never before available in footpads.

LF Wide Footstraps – Available in both Fixed Pro straps and Adjustable straps, equally as comfortable and functional. Softer materials cushion the foot for a more comfortable ride, and allow the foot to seat in for a greater hold.

LF Heelstraps – An optional addition that comes with every Strap Suction kit. The way that heelstraps always should have been. Injection molded with Craeton rubber, will not crack or fade or lose their stretch over time. Molded shape keeps them in place to easily slide them on your foot and to stay there for your entire ride. Super stretch allows them to easily come off when you want them to.

More about footstraps at:

CLICK FOR Adjustable Suction Strap Kit

CLICK FOR Fixed Suction Footstrap

The combination harness impact vest. More at: CLICK FOR Vest Info

Accessories for 2005. The Leashless Spinning Powerlockâ„¢ safety system appears above. Carbon Powerlock bar eliminates need for an additional fixed loop, which means that the kite can be depowered by pulling a single release handle whether the kite is completely depowered or locked in for full power.

A few action shots from the islands provided by LF.



More about the 2005 Liquid Force Kiteboarding lineup at:


Swinging back by the runway, the fashions are still striding out.


Back in the half pipe area they are now playing dodgem with the motor bikes. And they say kiteboarding is dangerous.



The Ocean Rodeo booth. John of Ocean Rodeo in in the yellow shirt and Paul is to his right. The scaled down, Stinger four line training kite appears in orange at the center of the booth.

The Freestyle or FRS (142, 174 cm) is on the left, the ZEN, ALX or All Terrain board (135 cm) in the middle and the Mako on the right (150 cm). All three boards will be available in the red, blue and yellow color schemes. Final graphics on the FRS will be out soon.

The ZEN is described as:

• 3D style, contoured deck
• all-terrain, all-level
• stiffer flex
• intermediate to advanced rider
• mid-price point

The FRS is described as:

• park, free-style riding
• flat bottom, soft flex
• super durable
• back foot loading
• user friendly
• entry-level to advanced
riders (good for first ride packages)
• lowest price point

John shows off the Mako that has been brought back new and improved for 2005. This long narrow board has a super concave bottom. The Mako is described as:

• deep concave bottom
• all-out riding: slalom, carving, speed, border cross
• equal weight on both feet,or more weight on frontf foot
• premium board
• appreciated by seasoned kiter

Richard demonstrating board flex

The Bronco kite has is back for 2005 in the following sizes: 4,6,8,12,14,16,18,21 m

The Bronco has the following listed improvements:

• Reinforcement weight reduced 25%
• Struts integrated with leading edge for precise foil profile and frame rigidity
• Struts 25% thinner for less drag and weight
• Refined air foil
• Fool proof visual and mechanical line attachments
• No compromise of durability
• Integrated inflatable tip strut
• Refined panel layout for improved load distribution
• Deflate assist pokers for struts
• New bag and pump

Wingtip detail

Image Image
The 2005 Pyro is shown. The Pyro has repairable seals, no suspenders

The new spinnable PunchOut bar for 2005

The system allows unhooked moves while remaining leashed to the kite as Richard demonstrates.

The bar has the new improved shock absorbing component to avoid accidental releases.

The bar is 5th line compatible and has a new QR release system.

I spoke to Paul at Ocean Rodeo about riding conditions in the birth place of Ocean Rodeo products. The area shown in these photos is outside of Victoria at the south end of Vancouver Island along the Pacific Coast of Canada. These water photos are courtesty of Ocean Rodeo.

Richard shredding along the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Paul told me that during the summer air temperature can hover around 25 C (77 F) and water temperature at around a balmy 8 to 12 C (46 to 54 F!). He tells me that folks ride year round there. So, in the winter the air dips to around 8 C (45 F) and the water to 4 C (39 F!). The beaches are often narrow, full of rock cobbles and the odd washed up tree!

The wind range in the summer is about 10 to 35 kts. with an average of about 15 to 25 kts. In the winter things are more gusty with storms sweeping in off the North Pacific with a wind range of about 5 to 40 kts.+ John told me that Ocean Rodeo gear was first designed and fabricated to survive local conditions.

Some interesting Sat. imagery of the Straits with WIND! The document defines "Gap Winds" as follows:

Gap winds are low-level winds that are associated with gaps or low areas in terrain. Gap winds can range in width from hundreds of feet to over one hundred miles, and in unusual circumstances can be associated with strong winds exceeding 50 knots. These winds are normally quite shallow, extending hundreds of feet to a few thousand feet above the surface, with large changes of wind, or wind shear, at their upper and lateral boundaries. Gap winds are generally strongest when there is a large pressure drop across a gap, although there is one class of gap wind that does not depend on a pressure gradient across the gap.

For more info about riding and precautions around Victoria visit

The Olympic Mountain range in the USA is off in the distance to the west.

Ocean Rodeo team rider, Mark Vincent ripping loose! They ride in a rich and scenic environment in the Northwest.

More about the Ocean Rodeo 2005 gear at:


I wonder if any of these models would be interested in kiteboarding? Well if so, don't forget adequate lessons. That said on to ...


Let's walk by the PASA booth for a look ...


PASA or the Professional Air Sports Association is a Non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of safe, sustainable kiteboarding through instruction and certification. PASA is the only training group that provides instructor,school and student liability insurance at present in the USA. The following appears on the PASA website:

Promoting and Preserving the Air Sports Industry

It is our goal, through PASA, to offer information on the industry of Hang Gliding, Kiteboarding, Paragliding, Parasailing, and Ultralight Flying for businesses and individuals.

We have developed a complete certification system to train and register all levels of kiteboarding pilots from beginners to instructors and Parasailing Operators. We offer certification cards, handbooks, lesson plans, and teaching manuals. Commercial liability insurance is available to schools that adhere to PASA guidelines and safety standards. Professional Membership in PASA is required in order to qualify for the insurance program.

Join PASA as a Kiteboarding Sport Participant and receive your Kiteboarder Certification Cards for Levels 1, 2, or 3 after being certified by a PASA instructor. You will also receive a one year subscription to Kiteboard Magazine. Annual membership is only $25.00! Register to join the AKA for an additional $30 and receive second party liability inssurance and a one year subscription to Kiting Magazine!

PASA has helped to develop the standards for certifying schools in Hang Gliding, Paragliding, and Ultralight Flying. PASA provides a way of certifying safe pilots and professional instructors and schools.

Chris Moore, instructor examiner for Pasa shown maning the booth. Chris Nygard, Executive Chair Person and Claudia Nygard, instructor examiner and were also present at the show.

What is PASA?

PASA was founded March 21, 1997 as a non-profit organization (501-C(6)) by a group of hang gliding industry leaders who envisioned a member driven trade association for the air sports industry. Today, PASA is a reality incorporating industry councils from multiple sports. PASA's organizational structure includes industry councils, which provides members with an opportunity to focus on opportunities or problems within their unique area of the industry. Councils include: Hang Gliding Industry Council, Kiteboarding Industry Council, Paragliding Industry Council, Parasailing Industry Council, Ultralight Industry Council.

PASA has a new powerful website with many features for keeping in contact with Schools, Instructors and Students. Shown here is the main page located at:

The PASA website also has a listing of certified schools and instructors complete with contact information. This page is located at:

There is also an calendar page with coming instructor training courses and other events. This page is located at:


The models are heading off the runway, must be time to move on down the road.


Nite, more to come from Surf Expo, see you soon.

Copyright FKA, Inc. 2004

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