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What size kite to rig???

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What size kite to rig???

Postby RickI » Tue Jan 18, 2005 5:15 pm

donnevan wrote:Had a realy bad launch this weekend.
Could have ended really bad.
So I'm looking for advice.
Not flames!! :evil:

Wind was 17-20knots. Flying a 2002 11 2m Wipaka, I'm about 60 kg.

So got someone to help me launch, kite was at 90 to the wind.
He let go, the kite started going up then started to sink. It drifted right in to the wind window. Got craze powered up, and draged me 150m down the beach! :o

I couldn't reach the trim strap. Finnally managed to crash the kite.
Had to change my shorts and thank the wind gods that the wind was cross shore, and not on shore.
Scared shitless now. :oops:

Wasn't badly hurt, like I said was very lucky.
Please let me know what I should of done different, and maybe I will grow the balls to try again. :-?


At first I though you might have had a rigging problem, uneven or misattached lines. This may still be a factor. Then again, I looked at your weight, 60 kg (132 lbs). I weigh 90 kg (185 lbs.) and used an Airblast 8.4 about three years ago. I seem to recall that 17 to 20 kts was near the mid range that I liked to use that kite in. I weigh 30 % more than you! I think you were rigged too big. What is your normal comfortable wind range for the AB 8.4?.

I just uploaded a post to the site on this subject using some nice resources that Detlef put together on kiteforum. I reproduced part of the post below:

"What Size Kite To Rig?"

We all ask ourselves that question, sometimes fairly often. When we are right, it's great, when were off, well it can be a lot of work or perhaps worse if we really screw up. Most kite manufacturers have wind speed-kite size plots to help riders in choosing kite sizes. Definitely examine your manufacturers recommendations when considering what kite size to use.

Detlef has put together some interesting guides relating wind speed to kite size on kiteforum at:

Check it out. It is a fairly unique and useful presentation on the Internet dealing with kite size vs. wind range. Tell us how it works for you.

His plots have been reproduced below:

Full size CLICK HERE

more at: Here

Be careful out there. Power is relative and seriously unforgiving if you are far off in your kite size selection, weather, riggin, preflighting...etc.. This sport can be far more complicated than people give it credit for sometimes.

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