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 Post subject: Crandon Park, Miami, FL, USA - NEW RULES
PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:41 pm 
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Things have been in transition at Crandon Park for sometime since we lost the ability to obtain liability insurance for kiteboarders. The park management has just supplied a NEW set of rules following discussions with the local instructors and the FKA. These rules have been placed into effect IMMEDIATELY by the Park Management. Level III certification AND helmets are required for ALL riders in additional to other provisions.

The alternative to these rules is total loss of access.

We came VERY close to losing access and this program is for a trial period only. If we make it work, great if not, we will likely lose access.

All riders are required to supply written proof of PASA or IKO Level III certification when they register at the Park Office with NO exceptions.

The rules follow:

Kite Surfing Rules and Regulations
Crandon Park

� Kitesurfer must check into the Park Office prior to accessing the beach. A minimum P.A.S.A. or I.K.O. level 3 certification must be obtained and a copy will be kept on file. Kitesurfers will be issued a wrist band.

� Kitesurfers must wear a helmet at all times.

� Kitesurfers will be responsible for maintaining a good working safety system.

� No kitesurfers will be allowed to set up on or near the dunes.

� Emergency personnel must have access to the entire beach. All kites, strings or boards left in the emergency alley are the responsibility of the rider. The County will not be liable for any damage caused during routine maintenance or emergency rescues.

� The Kitesurfer is responsible for any damage to the facility or beach.

� Kitesurfers are required to enter the open water thru the marked channel located between lifeguard stand North 5 and North 6. All riders must remain outside of the channel markers during their ride. No riders will be allowed to surf near the shoreline or on any sandbar or sea grass bed within the markers.

� Any rider may be asked by any representative of Miami Dade Parks, Miami Dade Water Rescue or Miami Dade Police to leave the premises if the rider has repeatedly disregarded any or all of the above rules.

� Any rider that has been removed form the beach will not be allowed access to the facility for an amount of time determined by the Park Manager not limited to an indefinite expulsion.

I have read and agree to follow all rules set forth by Miami Dade Parks and Recreation Department.

_____________________________ _____________________________ ____________

PERMISSIBLE kiteboarding times are as follows when the park is open:
Sept. 3 to May 19, Seven days per week
May 29 to Sept. 2, Monday morning through Thursday evening


In the past compliance has been voluntary, this didn't work well. NOW these rules will be enforced by registered kiteboarders, park personnel, lifeguards and the POLICE. Lets make this work guys if we try to ignore these requirements it won't go down well for any of us.

Updates on this will also be posted on the FKA website at: http://www.fksa.org/

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 14, 2005 9:42 pm 
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Contact a PASA or IKO certified instructor to see about obtaining Level III certification. Some instructors may offer a "moss back" certification program for experienced riders much as was done in SCUBA diving decades ago with the onset of certification in that sport.

A list of certified kiteboarding instructors and schools worldwide for PASA and IKO appear at:


Some of the certified PASA and IKO instructors in Miami include:

Miami Kiteboarding, Inc.
Christophe Ribot

Sky Banditz International, Inc.
Francisco Escudero

There are quite a few others in Florida and elsewhere. Please check the PASA and IKO directories for more.

Certification and manditory safety gear requirements have started at Crandon, other areas may not be that far behind.

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