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Kiteboarding Hand Signals

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Kiteboarding Hand Signals

Postby RickI » Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:49 am

srrc wrote:Very similar experience to Sea & Sun, spotted top lines were crossed as experienced friend held kite up ready to launch, shouted to him to wait.
As I put my head down to undo the harness loop he let go.
Next thing I know is waking up in the helicopter heading for hospital.
The sheer power of the whiplash must have knocked me out, then apparently the rocks added more hits as the kite took me up twice and bounced me around.
Have changed to new hybrid now, the bridle, colour coding etc makes the chances of getting it wrong far less likely. The depower facility has helped restore confidence too.
The huge forces involved make me wonder if I could have done anything to save myself even if I had stayed concious.
Nasty accident but again congratulations in coming through it despite injury. Four years ago, after hearing about a similar accident in Wales (see #55 in the 2002 KSI volume HERE I came up something that I thought would help. I don't see that many people doing it so here goes another try.

The guy in Wales in 2002 saw a line tangle at the last minute, yelled NO to his assistant who thought he said GO and released his kite. This guy broke a flag pole with his body and stove in the side of a van. He almost hit a wall at high speed which likely could have been terminal. Not good at all.

We OFTEN can't hear worth beans with wind and water noise. What to do, lots of guys have been injured by miscommunication during launch. Question is, have enough been hurt to try something new?

Setup a two way exchange or dialog with HAND SIGNALS.

Click image for full sized display.

The two way hand signal dialog avoids the need for clear hearing during launching.

The landing dialog can help to establish that your helper actually knows how to catch a traction kite and will be less likely to fumble the landing. This might help you to avoid bouncing head first off a boulder if someone that doesn't really know how to land a kite "helps out" (as happened before).

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