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You saw kiting WHERE?!

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You saw kiting WHERE?!

Postby RickI » Mon Aug 07, 2006 4:20 am

Kiting video clips on cell telephones, in-flight TV, RSN features at resorts, and gas pumps?!
It's all true and I suspect Marq Morrison with CineForce Films of Santa Monica, CA has even more
creative venues on the way. Ambitious videographers take note, your content has new avenues into
the world today.

Image Image
Is that a Blip on the cellphone?

Marq has been building deals to highlight his recent full length feature film, "Into the Air" staring
Paul Menta of and a cast packed with well recognized Pro riders throwing down moves
and hanging out at exotic Puerto Rican locales. More about Marq Morrison's other film projects here.

Some of us ride, some of us shoot video, some of us even edit the product but producing and
placing images in all these far flung and creative venues? I think Marq has scored a first!

Cellphone broadcasts? How about short action kiting spots from "Into the Air" via BlipTV.
BlipTV provides content for Sprint in the USA and China in addition to Rok TV in the UK and Europe.
Cellphone Soliltaire take a hike, we're talking quality cellular time now.

BlipTV is also bringing video to a gas pump near you (simulated photo).



Ok, you just hopped a late Frontier Airlines commuter flight from LA to Denver. No light outside and
the prospect of normal inflight entertainment opening up before you, yawwwwwn.


Wait, what is this on WildThings? It's one of three, three minute spots taken from "Into the Air."

Now you're riding, uh flying in style!


You're in the mountains for some snowboarding, maybe even with a kite and you are trying to read the
day's riding portents in your Honey Nut Cheerios. You're dreaming of fresh tracks, when hey what's
this on RSN resort TV?


A 20 minute digest of "Into the Air" on Extremescene! Get your wind fix before you hit the slopes!
Damien sends it, got snow?


These venues are great tedium breakers, when we could be doing more constructive things like staring
dully out into space waiting for the car to fill up or clinging to drifting IQ points hoping the train will arrive.
So, the next time you are stuck hanging around (like Andy with Paul's help), what not try to tune in?

Great job Marq and Paul, ride ... phone, fly, fuel ... on?!


More info about the movie, DVDs, Marq and Cineforce can be found at

Image Kiting Media Goes Into the World

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