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CROSS this one and get your ass kicked

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CROSS this one and get your ass kicked

Postby RickI » Mon Jun 12, 2006 2:53 am

That is crossing your kite lines.

Looking for stories of launching kites with crossed lines in moderate to strong wind conditions. By crossed lines, I mean accidentally attaching a front line to the back line attachments point on the kite. In doing this you set the kite up in an extreme, automatic turn upon launching.

The horrific speed and out of control power can be astonishing and potentially happen so fast as to defy being able to do anything about it until after you slam in following a high speed lofting/dragging.

This has apparently killed, broken backs, numerous other bones, brought on comas or sometimes just scared the hell out of some lucky ones. Two particularly bad accidents possibly involving this happened recently.

What have people experienced out there, from some of the lucky ones?


By the way, avoiding having this happen is easy. People will fail to do it at times however.

- Use kook proof connectors (they take 10 minutes to make, CLICK HERE)
- Methodical setup avoiding loops, tangles, etc..
- Careful preflighting (2 to 3 times, particularly in stronger conditions)
- Having your helper in assisted launches, look down the lines for proper attachment and feel for proper kite "biting" into the wind prior to release.

Any one of these, or better still all of these steps should see you free of a crossed line slam in.

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