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XRATED World Record Distance Race

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XRATED World Record Distance Race

Postby RickI » Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:29 pm


It had never been done before, 49 racers blasting a distance of 60 miles down the Southeast coast of Florida. Thanks to race organizer Neil Hutchinson of XRATED KITEBOARDING and Tiki Beach, volunteers, sponsors and the RIDERS it is now history! For now a taste of the action and results soon to be followed with lots of experiences and photos from this great event.

On Saturday, December 9, 2006 at around 9:30 am the armada of racers hurled off down the coast in northeast winds around 24 kts. gusting to 28 kts. Seas were initially about 5 to perhaps 9 ft. in spots easing for the most part as the riders headed south.

Looking up the coast from Lake Worth Inlet over a sea of kitesurfers, 10 miles south of the start.

The results follow along with race times. If riders were blocked in their attempt complete the run, Neil provided some insight into what they were up against.

1. Andy Hurdman 2hrs 26.31 Best 1. Stacey Fonas 3hrs 45.55 Best
2. Demion Thomas 2hrs 27.00 Slingshot
3. Billy Parker 2hrs 27.30 Flexifoil
4. Kent Marincovic 2hrs 30.42 Cabrinha
5. Jeremy Green 2hrs 32.36
6. Kevin Oneal 2hrs 37.10
7. Graham Goodwin 2hrs 40.56
8. Jesse Coss 2hrs 42.00
9. Jon Modica 2hrs 48.10
10. Shawn Cole 2hrs 50.30
11. Chad Anschuetz 2hrs 52.00
12. Ken Russell 2 hrs 53.20
13. Tom Dumfry 2hrs 53.40
14. Mike Hall 2hrs 53.50
15. Francisc 3hrs 06.30
16. Danny Albertsom 3hrs 07.04
17. Craig Priddy 3hrs 12.10
18. Dirk Winkler 3hrs 18.30
19. Gary Menk 3hrs 19.00
20. Jayson Orkins 3hrs 28.01
21. Pete Weisberg 3hrs 30.50
22. Felix Granados 3hrs 40.00
23. Brandon Briggs 3hrs 44.40
24. Stacey Fonas 3hrs 45.55
25. Ian Mckowan 3hrs 47.30
26. Rich Gardner 3hrs 56.10
27. Marc Danis 4hrs 06.00
28. Bill Bentz 4hrs 06.15
29. Rick Iossi 4hrs 11.12
30. David Albertson 4hrs 14.55
31. Garin Gimmy 4hrs 16.57
32. Packet 4hrs 21.01
33. Matt Sexton 4hrs 44.20
34. Oliver Berlic 4hrs 35.30
35. Billy Blackman 4hrs 40.10
36. Keneth Stuhr 4hrs 48.30
37. Chris Moore DNA – fatigue
38. Enrique DNA – fatigue
39. Terri Flicek DNA – lost board
40. Burt DNA – fatigue
41. Andrea Esno DNA - crashed kite
42. Scott Ward DNA - lost board
43. Sean Stroud DNA - crashed kite
44. Chris Summers DNA - lost board
45. Donny Rauch DNA – fatigue
46. James Bradley DNA – lost board
47. Maria Thomas DNA – fatigue
48. Paul Beiderwell DNA – fatigue
49. Frank Surface DNA – fatigue

The checkpoint in Delray Beach manned by Noel and ? of Best Kiteboarding. Tom Leeman is shooting away and grabbing some excellent action shots of the riders touching base and hammering on.

The leaders Andy Hurdman and Demion Thomas
ripping down the coast just north of Hillsboro Inlet.

Kent of shredding along on his custom DC directional board to come in fourth.

Jeremy of Jupiter Kiteboarding, soon to land fifth in succession.

Landing, often enough totally exhausted! What a run.

The Awards Ceremony

That's all for now but stay tuned a lot more action on this singular event is to come soon!

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